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    Stuffed jalapenos

    Those look good. Try marinating either duck breast or deer TL and put in them with the cream cheese!!! Them are good to
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    2019-2020 mounts

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    2019-2020 mounts

    Beautiful mount!
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    Give me the Time of Day

    On one farm I figure if I see deer before 8:30-9:00 those are bonuses. I start seeing deer around 9:00 on
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    2019-2020 mounts

    Good looking mount
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    Deer # 7

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    What a day!

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    1st deer

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    My daughter luvs TN

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    My nephew scored on Juvenile Hunt

    Great deer
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    My son got his first deer!!!

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    Son Draws Blood

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    Skull mount finished

    I like it. Good job
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    cheatham county buck mount is home

    Congrats. Looks good!
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    Fire ant killer

    How many mounds do you have?
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    Temp. for glue drying?

    Ok. Thank you. I use professionally tanned hides as well. I do like the idea of slower dry times for sure. I was just worried something would not set right. I looked at my hide paste and it didnt give me any temp. Thanks again for the help.
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    Temp. for glue drying?

    So I'm thinking about moving my shop into the garage and letting my shop now be for my personal stuff. The problem is my garage gets cool at night. Will temp affect the glue drying?
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    Group expectations?

    Ok that is what I'm hoping for. I havent really shot mine a whole lot. I cant even remember what the name of it . What weight of arrows and should I shoot and what brand is the best?
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    Group expectations?

    What groups should I expect from a average crossbow at 40 yards?
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    2018 Deer Mounts

    Nice mounts!!