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    My faith is....

    I believe that woman in Mt. 9 had read the Old Testiment prophet in Malachi 4:2 "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; ..." That word "wings" refers to: wing, extremity, edge, winged, border, corner, shirt, skirt, corner (of garment)...
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    My faith is....

    Only in Jesus Christ
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    Eleven years ago today, our lives were changed..

    Thank the Lord! Happy Birthday to him. Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Ps. 127:3
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    Deer season in review

    Congratulations. I miss going with my nephew
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    lol, FYI, Amen

    It's just hard to imagine that we have people so far gone mentally that don't know what gender they are and they are running the country. How can they know whether a mask will work when they don't know if they are a man or a woman from day to day? I remember a year or 2 ago, Oakland CA talked...
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    What will you change for next deer season?

    If the land i hunt on doesn't sell and I get to keep hunting it, I'll move stand locations back closer to where I used to hunt. I changed it up this year thinking I'd be better off and it turned out to be a very frustrating year. I also just got permission for a small piece of land. I'll scout...
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    Double kill to finish the season

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    HME Hitch Hoist

    I've never seen one of those. Good idea though. Looks like a back saver and not too bulky to transport
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    My finished euro mount

    Looks good
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    Let’s talk vacuum sealers please

    I bought a Cabela's brand a few years ago and have no complaints
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    How To Acquire New Hunting Property

    It is. I just don't know how to hunt it since there are no trees and it's so thick i can't get through it. I cut a trail in there the fall after the tornado and killed one then they logged it. It has came back so thick it's unreal. It's gotta be loaded with deer though
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    How To Acquire New Hunting Property

    The old place that was destroyed by the tornado is just a tiny little tract but was in a killer location. Now it's so thick you can't walk in it or see down into it. There are no trees to hang in so I wouldn't really know how to hunt it.
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    How To Acquire New Hunting Property

    He would sell it to me but I can't give $200k for 20 acres of hunting land that's pretty much steep ridges. The doctor that is looking to buy it, wants to build on the high peak
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    How To Acquire New Hunting Property

    I have noticed a few of y'all recently have posted about getting new hunting property. I have not looked for new property in 25 years. I got 2 good places when I was 16. I lost my favorite in 2011 when the tornadoes wiped it out so I have 1 place that I've hunted since then. The man that owns it...
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    8pt mount

    Nice job!
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    Late season Buck

    Nice one!
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    I used to years ago. We always had beagles and I loved them. I got to where I didn't have time for them so I sold them and kept my old dog till he kicked the bucket. I miss it sometimes but they take time and attention
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    MY children know what I want

    I love moon pies!
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    Looking for someone to score (East Tn)

    What a buck! Congrats!