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    Help me see the light

    No. They spread naturally from the southwest over a period of time. They are pretty bad on native game. But, I understand your misgivings about shooting one as well.
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    0-3 Lifetime License Price Increase??

    Just a guess, but I suspect it was adjusted for inflation since the last time it was changed. The adult license started at $1200 and was adjusted upwards after several years. $320 for a lifetime of hunting and fishing remains a pretty good bargain.
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    410 slug

    1000 foot pounds of energy is sort of the accepted minimum for ethical deer hunting. My memory is that the .410 slug falls off pretty quickly. The manufacturers list it as suitable for coyote hunting. I'll stand by my statement on ethical ranges. A quick check showed the 3" Winchester slug...
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    Need Some Additional Prayers

    Prayers sent!
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    410 slug

    Technically legal, but, a really bad idea. It might be effective to 20-25yds.
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    Scope vs Red dot

    I prefer a scope as well.
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    Probably gonna get raked over the coals

    Rule and Regulation 1660-01-14-.13 (k) (2): 2. Leaving any vehicle or other personal property unattended for longer than 24 hours, without prior permission of the Area manager or other authorized person, is prohibited and any property so left may be impounded by the Area Manager or an...
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    Probably gonna get raked over the coals

    Not correct for TN. On a WMAs, if you leave ANY property unattended for more than 24 hours, you must have prior permission from the Area Manager.
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    Buckmaster thread...

    Never, ever apply for one of their free hunt sweepstake drawings. That is where they get your information to start their bs.
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    Buckmaster thread...

    I dealt with those crooks as well. After the first bogus invoice, I called and told them the next one would be forwarded to a friend in the State Attorney General's office who had already told me he would file on them. It got resolved in about 30 seconds.
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    Could use a prayer please .

    Prayers sent.
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    Thanks to all for the input. I doubt I ever shoot them, but nice to know that I can if I need to.
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    Pruitt fired

    Yours is the John Majors version of events on his termination. From friends that considered both Majors and Fulmer as friends and were around the program at the time, to a person all say that Majors brought it on himself. There were issues with drinking and donor relations, and an attempt that...
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    Out of State Costs So High

    Sorry, but that is incorrect on it covering everything the sportsman's license covers. The DAV license does cover all LICENSES, but does not cover any permits like the annual sportsman's covers.
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    I have a .308 cal. bolt action rifle that was my FIL's. In doing some cleaning/rearranging, I came across a box of Winchester 7.62mm cartridges that are 147 gr FMJ. From looking on the internet, it appears that they are OK to shoot in a .308, but wanted to confirm from our experts on here. They...
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    FREE Oak Entertainment cabinet UPDATE: Picked up!!

    We are re-doing a living room after some repairs. We have a nice, solid oak (no presswood) cabinet that needs to go down the road. It is 6' high by 57" with six etched glass doors and a 28" opening for a TV or curios. There are moveable shelves in the large glass cabinets for stereo system, etc...
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    got some bad news, need a prayer

    Prayers sent.
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    Daddy-Daughter Hunt

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    Father passed this morning......

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for peace and comfort. May he RIP.
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    Montana 2020 Elk Deer

    Thank you for sharing with us.