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  1. spoonie

    Travel Trailer Owners

    I own a 2017 StarCraft 23fb AR-ONE, i bought used two years ago from CEDAR CITY RV its been a great purchase that the wife and I enjoy taking to state parks in the fall, in the spring and summer time I park it on a lot on the buffalo river and in the winter it goes to to my duck lease. As far as...
  2. spoonie

    Another Crappie Day

    Nice catch! I've been tossing around the idea of leaving work at noon today and try to find some myself. Your picture might have just made up my mind
  3. spoonie

    Daddy-Daughter Hunt

    that's great! The way my season is going I would be a wearing a smile that big as well with greenheads in the blind,
  4. spoonie

    My Dog

    Here’s my buddy
  5. spoonie

    Adult Adoption Question

    yes its possible, hire a lawyer for a minimum cost and go before a judge.
  6. spoonie

    Dog Food

    I've tried several feeds on my 2 year old lab, it seems that pro plan sports does well for him
  7. spoonie

    .22 ammo online at rogers available

    .15 cents a round just a heads up Winchester 22 Long Rifle, 36 Grain | 333 Rounds | Rogers Sporting Goods
  8. spoonie

    .22LR at PSA

    $99.99 for 800 rounds think 12.5 cents a round, beat deal I’ve seen lately
  9. spoonie

    .22LR at PSA

    Federal Range Pack 40gr HV LRN .22 Long Rifle Ammunition 800 Rounds | PSA | Palmetto State Armory
  10. spoonie

    Breathable Wader Recommendations

    I really like my frogg togs this is my second season with them and so far so good, I've never had a pair last more than 2.5 seasons and have spent upwards of $500 for different pairs of them.
  11. spoonie

    Ruger ranch 5.56

    Sold, donation sent
  12. spoonie

    Classifieds PayPal Donation

    Sold ruger 5.56 donation sent
  13. spoonie

    Picking up?

    Worst day of the season so far today for me, very very slow
  14. spoonie

    Looking for a shield

    Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ 9mm 8rd 3.6" Pistol w/ Safety 12436 : RK Guns
  15. spoonie

    Gooch Unit E

    I hunt very close to there, the whole bottom has been pretty slow for the most part, last Wednesday afternoon was a really good shoot for everyone I talked to in the area. Then the backwater spread everything out. Good luck, I really enjoy hunting down there in the cypress trees
  16. spoonie

    Ruger ranch 5.56

    Scope info
  17. spoonie

    Ruger ranch 5.56

    Ruger Ranch 556 with threaded barrel, comes with vortex diamondback scope and warne rings, shot less than a dozen times, has two small scratches on top of barrel. I have both boxes to gun and scope. $600 or possibly interested in trades for other guns with possible cash to boot for right trade...
  18. spoonie

    Recommend me a sight for ar pistol?

    on a whim walking around rural king picked up an ar pistol 10.5” barrel 5.56..... what sights would you recommend,I’m open to all options. Thanks
  19. spoonie

    Looking for CVA compact Hunter in 223 Rem.

    Be Monday before I can send you some, out of town
  20. spoonie

    Looking for CVA compact Hunter in 223 Rem.

    I’ve got a ruger ranch 5.56 with a 4x12 vortex and warne rings, shot less than a dozen times $600