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    Guided hunt recommendations

    Yup for the money Missouri is hard to beat kansas if you can draw a tag in the right unit
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    Wayne County Hunting Land For Sale

    Eagle creek I’m sure has some big deer but I ain’t dragging another one out of there and they can have Laurel Hill. Between the TWRA and EHD 10-15 years ago, that place isn’t worth the effort anymore
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    How often do you check your cameras during the rut?

    Every day if possible I drive right up to them. Deer used to it and pay no attention to it.
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    Browning Maxus Semi-Auto Feedback???

    Overall probably the best they’ve made since the old A5 i like the Silver line myself. But every single person I know with a Maxxus raves about them.
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    The 2020 antler conundrum

    No agriculture here except what I plant and feed did shoot a 116# doe this afternoon. So the weights have improved with a decent acorn crop this year
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    The 2020 antler conundrum

    I’m thinking some of this may also be due to us backing off does but that’s changing as we speak. But literally weights were down 25% last year across age classes of bucks. They have came back up some but acorn failure and possibly more does and our usual large fawn crops I’m guessing was...
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    The 2020 antler conundrum

    BSK I haven’t noticed antler jumps but the last three years we’ve had a huge drop in weights across age classes. I’ve attributed it to total acorn failures in 2018/19 they are back up this year about 50% of what they fell. We finally had a decent acorn crop.
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    Ames question

    I’ve asked that several times. I never get an answer.
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    Ames question

    Again, it hasn’t killed all the deer off in other states. The TWRA and Ames had no proof CWD was affecting anything. i have friends that work for agencies with decades long positive tests and have talked to others in hot zones I’ve hunted in other states. they all told me the same thing...
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    Ames question

    I don’t get it, I just don’t first off if you hammer does for years then yes, you are going to see less deer. Goes for a lot of properties I know with no CWD. second, the whole kill them all, we have CWD I just don’t get. Other states have realized it’s not the world is falling problem...
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    Scoring !

    Define correct way? the total gross score is really all that matters. I’ve scored some 180”+ for BTR that wouldn’t net 160”. Kinda ridiculous to award for perfection and not what was grown. of course BTR doesn’t count spread in official score. That’s the old Canadian system that...
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    NFA trust for suppressor

    My local shop is the same i can use it on their range while I wait i wanted to through the online deal but the closest kiosk is two hours away. My local shop was about $60 higher but probably worth it being right down the road and I can go tinker with it while I wait
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    NFA trust for suppressor

    I’ve about decided to file individual and let my wife decide if I go first. I’ll just keep her informed on what to do. apparently a living will is just as good as the trust at the end of the day. Worst case she’ll be out an extra $100 at today’s prices.
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    NFA trust for suppressor

    This will not be used by anyone else. Does that make a difference in needing one?
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    NFA trust for suppressor

    I’m probably confusing myself here so bare with me when u purchase a trust, what steps do the trustees you list have to go through? I’m buying the trust at a separate place than the suppressor of that helps. Trying to be as up to speed as I can be before I start this process.
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    3 Bird Limit Next Year

    Wayne is as bad or worse than those counties. It’s pitiful in the whole county especially the southern portion. You can throw Hardin East of Savannah in there as well
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    Outdoor Edge knife

    I got two they are perfect for skinning especially on my out of state hunts.
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    Frustrations of a first season

    You should have started 30 years ago if you think it’s tough now. Keep at it
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    Big 8 down

    I’ve scored hundreds of deer and that deer is mid 130s easy
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    Covid “drugs”

    Day 8 today i got a z pack Prednisone steroid Zinc Vitamin D3 and C First day they had me alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen for fever. Fever gone after day 1 still taking Tylenol sinus just because.