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    Battery maintainer

    My new boat has 2 batteries that can be switched in case one is dead. I've got power at ny dock. Can I plug in one battery maintainer (tender) and wire accross to the second battery and keep both boosted or should I set up two tenders?
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    Scope ring recommendation for an old Remington 742 30-06

    Helping a bud rescope an old 742.....ring setup recommendation. Right now he’s got a high rise “see tru” and an old Leopold 2-7 scope.
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    Getting ready for gun season

    Sighted in my 6.5 for the season still shooting tight. Pix is sideways....shot a little low and left. will have to adjust that.
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    cwd sampling

    I realize a lot of details are still under planning. I'd like to get all deer I take in the zone tested by TWRA or me if necessary. Where can one find the locations of stations to drop deer heads and necks for testing in the CWD counties? Is there a form for information to attach to the sample...
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    Dialing in a load for my new gun

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    CWD Epicenter

    Does anyone find it odd that the epicenter of CWD in TN occurred in the area of Ames? Certainly not being accusatory, it's just quite a coincidence that the epicenter of a new outbreak occurred in an area that prides itself on trophy hunting. Odd isn't it. It may well have occurred from a TN...
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    West TN rocks

    Got a chance to hunt a private place in Fayetteville Co today. Saw 18 different deer. Unfortunately all does and young bucks and I’ve got 4 in the freezer so waiting on a good buck but it was so nice to see deer on a hunt compared to the slim pickings in the East....
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    Extended season bucks

    I plan to hunt a private farm in Fayette Co. some between now and the end of the month. I've taken 0 bucks in TN so far this year. Is my buck limit between now and the end of the month in Fayette Co. 1 or 3?
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    Sold/Expired Looking for a Honda 250

    One of my employees is looking to try to find a Honda 250 EX w/ sport clutch 06-and up.....She wants to get one for her son...
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    South Alabama Hunt

    Got to hunt South AL this past weekend. Rut was just getting started. Got a doe, but didn't see any of the good bucks we have on camera. Saw several scrapes get started between Thur and Mon. Friend on a lease a mile away killed a nice buck following a doe. It amazes me how the rut is so late...
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    West TN Rut

    Was fortunate enough to get to hunt some quality private land in Fayette Co. the last 4 days. Saw young bucks everywhere, heard some sparing and saw new scrapes being started. There were 2 8 points killed and they had stained tarsals, but didn't have the strong smell of a full rut buck and...
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    Went to the dermatologist today for an inspection. She said I had a lot of Pre-cancerous lesions on my face. She asked if I'd always used sunscreen. I told her "Sea & Ski" washed off pretty quickly in the 50's and I didn't have any in the hay and tobacco fields in the sixties, but had used it...
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    stock/barrel alignment

    I bought a Rem 700 ADL 243 on sale at Academy several years ago. It was an inexpensive gun, but the darn thing shot lights out. I killed several deer with it. Not being satisfied, I decided to improve it. I ordered a Timney trigger and my bud installed it. Went to the range and it went from 1/2...
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    Training my son to shoot.

    I've never tried to train a youngster, but I well remember my training. I don't think he's quite mature enough to be handling firearms yet... I do remember throwing a golf club when I was 12. I didn't get a chance to play agin until I was 13.....:)
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    Platform stand

    I've got a 10' tall 4' square quad stand I got from SG a few years ago. I mounted a boat pedestal in the middle of it with a comfortable boat seat. I had strapped PVC to the legs and up above platform and then cross pieces to hang skirt on. I accidentally busted my PVC when laying it down to...
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    Almost tagged out

    I almost tagged out on bucks and got myself a fine to boot. About 9 this morning a nice bodied 4 pt walked out in the narrow fire lane. He had a good body and I decided to shoot. He went down in the tall grass and I heard him moan. I was trying to reload and couldn't get it to seat because of...
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    draw hunt?

    I normally buy a sportsman's license. This year I haven't bought anything yet. I turn 65 sept. 12 and intend to get a lifetime sportsman's license then. Does waiting like this preclude me from participating in draw hunts this year?
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    bear season

    One of my employees found a bear track in her horse barn 50 yards from her house yesterday morning...She lives right on Hwy 27 S just South of Rockwood... Also a hiker was attacked recently on the Appy trail... http://www.local8now.com/content/news/N ... 70961.html Guess bear season is...
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    Big Cat Lovers

    It's coming true....Many have worried about what would happen if the cougar population increases into new areas. I just read an article where 107 mountain lions had been killed (depredation permits) in communities in CA. Stomach contents of 83 of them were analyzed. 52% had remains of dogs and...
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    Interesting week in AL....

    I got my last deer of the year this morning in South Alabama....It was a 120# spike that I normally wouldn't shoot but the property manager said to shoot any spikes with deformed horns and this one fit. Apparently, they've got some genetics problems there. Hunted all week and saw a bunch of...