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  1. Chaneylake

    Truck battery or... issue

    check ground wires
  2. Chaneylake

    PPV television is great . . . . .

    There is probably 2 new sites for everyone shut down.
  3. Chaneylake

    PPV television is great . . . . .

    I was Direct at $182.16 monthly. Never again $49.99 monthly for AT&T u-verse, $21.24 tax included for VEWhub is a no brainer, plus to much free providers like "tubi". I wonder why I purchase any TV sites.
  4. Chaneylake

    PPV television is great . . . . .

    Thank you, I will check them out after the fight. I am on VEWhub. $21.24 tax included for 2 Tv's
  5. Chaneylake

    Goose daily limit vs possession limit

    You are 100% correct
  6. Chaneylake

    Fedex x....xxx!

    We are in very trying times due to the virus. Next time just order a few weeks earlier.
  7. Chaneylake

    Oil Change Mess

    Puter should shut vehicle down before damage done. My last vehicle blew o-ring on oil filter while doing 78 on interstate. Dash gauges lit up, ton of smoke from oil hitting exhaust. Did a U turn and eased back home. Dealer cleaned the mess and fixed the problem. 100,000 miles later the vehicle...
  8. Chaneylake

    PPV television is great . . . . .

    I am going through "VEWhub" Who are y'all using? I might want to see if something is better out there.
  9. Chaneylake

    PPV television is great . . . . .

    I get 12 PPV channels free, imagine that. Watching fights on PPV 4 as I type. Poirier(sp) vs McGregor coming on shortly.
  10. Chaneylake

    Cast Your Own

    Try "Buffalo Arms" 208.263.6953. For casting supplies. Roto Metals for lead. Your best source for lead can possibly be an AT&T employee. They are constantly digging up lead wraps used on underground cable splices and replacing with a more environmentally wrap.
  11. Chaneylake

    Legal road access question

    Us Land Surveyors were taught that if no "deeded ROW existed" then most counties in Tennessee had no authority beyond back of the ditch. The State Highway Department will mail a copy of any State road to you. I don't know if this is still free. For anything else a person should be able to get...
  12. Chaneylake

    Selling land in TN question

    this is all that I have ever done. simple and easy especially since its paid for.
  13. Chaneylake

    More phone help, please..

    check to see if a "password" is needed. this was my problem about 2 years ago.
  14. Chaneylake

    Dose 2 is in

    No side effects from 1st shot
  15. Chaneylake

    Everything safe at DC tomorrow

    The troops have arrived
  16. Chaneylake

    A sad day at Rocky Top

    Even the dog knows, lmrfao
  17. Chaneylake

    Dose 2 is in

    Hopefully I will get my 2nd dose on the 27th.
  18. Chaneylake

    Congratulations to Mrs. TAFKAP(My daughter)

    I know that I do. She has already been a great help to me.
  19. Chaneylake

    Deep fried Angel Food cake - tequila - lime juice

    Fresh "peanut oil"