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  1. spoonie

    .22 ammo online at rogers available

    .15 cents a round just a heads up Winchester 22 Long Rifle, 36 Grain | 333 Rounds | Rogers Sporting Goods
  2. spoonie

    .22LR at PSA

    Federal Range Pack 40gr HV LRN .22 Long Rifle Ammunition 800 Rounds | PSA | Palmetto State Armory
  3. spoonie

    Ruger ranch 5.56

    Ruger Ranch 556 with threaded barrel, comes with vortex diamondback scope and warne rings, shot less than a dozen times, has two small scratches on top of barrel. I have both boxes to gun and scope. $600 or possibly interested in trades for other guns with possible cash to boot for right trade...
  4. spoonie

    Recommend me a sight for ar pistol?

    on a whim walking around rural king picked up an ar pistol 10.5” barrel 5.56..... what sights would you recommend,I’m open to all options. Thanks
  5. spoonie

    Opening day, how’d everyone do?

    With little water in our hole, I opted out of going and instead shot two fine does this evening... the boys who hunted didn’t fire a shot
  6. spoonie

    tactacams in stocks @Scheels

    just ordered a few ATT only
  7. spoonie

    LBL opener

    Anybody headed to LBL for the opener? The wife and I go to Piney every opening weekend to camp, and I get out and chase the deer in the mornings then do the camping deal the rest of the day
  8. spoonie

    ISO Cheap golfcart

    Looking for a campground cruiser, anybody got one collecting dust or needing a little work
  9. spoonie

    Reelfoot Bluegill this weekend advise or tips

    taking the camper to Reelfoot SP for the 1st time this weekend, Thinking about renting a jon boat and trying out the bluegill fishing I've always heard about? Any advise, tips, or tricks for the gills this time of year there? I've been on reelfoot a dozen or so times bowfishing and duck hunting...
  10. spoonie

    Sold/Expired WTB Ar15 Pistol

    Looking to buy an AR15 Pistol either 5.56 or 300blk. Figured I'd ask here before ordering one
  11. spoonie

    Buy Live crawfish around Nashville?

    Looking to buy a sack or two of crawfish to cook this Sunday. Anybody have any leads where I might find some around the Nashville area? I know its early in the season and there a little difficult to find
  12. spoonie

    Sold/Expired ISO Older hunting camper

    Looking for an older cheaper camper to leave at the farm? thanks?
  13. spoonie

    Facebook can be a helpful tool

    I don't use Facebook really to connect with long lost friends or keep up with the life of folks, or post my political or religious views. I keep my profile very private. But Facebook is full of groups that I can ask questions and get respectful reply's back, lots of times in the matter of...
  14. spoonie

    Gooch Unit E, anybody hunt there recently

    Has anybody hunted Gooch E this year? any reports? Have a week long hunt starting the end of next week, hopefully some ducks will be around
  15. spoonie

    Sold/Expired NIB Knight muzzleloader SOLD!

    Brand new knight Vision Xtreme muzzle loader 50cal $150 located Waverly TN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. spoonie

    Sold/Expired 835 ulti-mag turkey gun

    Mossberg 835 ulti-mag shoots 2 3/4 - 3 1/2 shells. 20 inch barrel. Bought new from final flight this spring. Comes with Carlson long beard XR choke. $425 Waverly,TN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. spoonie

    Duck dog trainer recomedations

    Picking up a pup soon and want to go the whole 9 yards with him as far as having him sent to a trainer, I've been doing research my self, Who do y'all recommend? I would be interested in a puppy program as well, but not a necessity. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. spoonie

    Sold/Expired Atv Disc (SOLD)

    Heavy duty disc $400 Waverly, TN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. spoonie

    Anybody have a Rental house Contract

    Going against my better judgement I'm going to rent out a small house. I purchased it originally to just bulldoze down to add to my lot but the old house is in decent shape still. Would any of you guys have a good rental agreement contract I could use? I have found some online but not sure what...
  20. spoonie

    Sold/Expired Kahr P9

    Kahr P9 won in a raffle a few months ago put about 20 rounds down the pipe, nice gun I'm just a glock man. Located in Waverly $400