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    NFA trust for suppressor

    I’m probably confusing myself here so bare with me when u purchase a trust, what steps do the trustees you list have to go through? I’m buying the trust at a separate place than the suppressor of that helps. Trying to be as up to speed as I can be before I start this process.
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    Sold/Expired Browning X bolt .243 un fired

    As stated above I can’t post pics but will text it email upon request Gray synthetic Still got the sticker on it Scope was mounted but never taken to shoot Gun is gun only. Scope and rings removed. Box and books and lock all still there I can meet in southern Wayne or southern Lawrence...
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    Any car salesman in here

    If you sell to someone in Alabama What sales tax do you charge? Percentage wise
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    Deer carcass dumping

    SCN I’ve emailed the TWRA with no answer so I’ll ask here Away from water, what is the law say regarding dumping deer carcasses in private land?
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    SCN, what’s the time limit

    To press charges if you have photo proof of hunting without permission? I’m giving a distant family member a chance to stay away but I have a good photo of him with Weapon in hand.
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    Alabama’s answer to CWD

    Legalize baiting All it needs is the govs signature and for $15 you can pour it out and shoot deer over it.
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    Harvest record

    What’s the current requirements for harvest record? If you have the app and harvest recorded is that good enough? Or do I need it written down on a piece of paper? If so, where do I find one at if there’s any kind of official one. I should know this but technology has dumbed me down.
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    Sold/Expired Couple of Brownings

    Browning abolt II. .300win, stainless It has DNZ 30mm rings but I have some Talley 1" I think for it. If I can find them they'll go with it also. It also has a vortex viper hs 4x16x50 that could stay with it. Has Timney springs also. $525 for gun and scope rings and what ammo I have...
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    Reciprocal waters

    Do you have to be in a boat for neighboring states fishing license to be good in reciprocal waters. Specifically Pickwick. My Alabama license is good to the dam but do I have to be in a boat?
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    Here's my juvi question

    A friend is out of town working. I've offered to take his 9 year old on the juvi hunt. I'm pretty sure he don't need his HSS or a license until next year. If I'm correct on this, how do I check a deer in for him? I think I dreamed that his parents need to call and get a twra # for him...
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    Sold/Expired Browning Abolt II Medallion .300Win

    Never fired. Box and paperwork. Never had rings put on. In fact, the stickers are still on it. $775 FTF only. Located in Florence, AL just south of Collinwood, TN
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    Sold/Expired 2003 Rancher 4x4 and 5x14 trailer

    2003 Rancher 4x4. Red. Solid machine. Runs like it did the day I bought it in the summer of 2003. Only thing that needs repaired is the foot brake. I unhooked it when it froze up. Other than that this atv has no issues. Cosmetically it needs a rear fender flare that was ripped off...
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    WMA hunters. ...? For ya

    Have u noticed the decline in respectful, courteous hunters? Or have I just ran up on some bad ones at laurel hill this week and chalk up to bad luck. I about lost it yesterday morning with a guy. I should feel bad but I don't. I meant every name I called him. And people with no...
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    Big buck ran over near Hermitage GC yesterday

    Anyone have a good picture of this deer ran over on Old Hickory BLVD yesterday? One of the trainees I'm testing said it was a giant. Would like to see a picture of anyone has one
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    Quota hunt question

    Will permits be mailed or are they emailed now. Been a few years.
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    Sold/Expired 1985 Glasstream bass boat

    Don't fish so don't need the boat. 14ft. 45hp Mariner Good carpet 12v mariner trolling motor Trailer, it's tires and carpet in great shape. Motor runs great. New plugs, starter, water pump and housing, rebuilt carb, cracking battery and celanoid less than 2 hours. Depth finder like...
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    Sold/Expired Shopsmith mark v 510

    This thing was put together last fall. It had been in my grandfather's shop in the boxes for years. I have the complete package with the vertical bandsaw, duster, hand tools. I still have the books and videos. I've ripped a few boards with the table saw to basically test it out...
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    Quota hunt question

    Scn, this is possibly a two part question depending on first answer so please don't lock immediately. What is age requirement for youth on normal quota hunt and requirements of a youth with adult?
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    Ammo for coyotes

    TWRA, I sent my email in but kinda wanted the opinion of any employees willing to speak publicly about this topic. Is there any chance we could see the legalization of buckshot for predators, even if outside of deer and turkey season? From experience and talking to friends out west, it is...
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    SCN. WMA and loaded guns

    I noticed on a previous thread you mentioned you could have a rifle magazine loaded but not in the chamber on a WMA. I just had a buddy pay a ticket in Wayne co for just that. I believe the GW was correct and he does to according to the statute. I just wanted folks to know. Even if out...