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  1. J

    Probably gonna get raked over the coals

    Same here. I go out of my way to pick stuff up when I see it out in the woods
  2. J

    Strategic Harvest System.

    Little man power when the conditions are right is the biggest issue we’ve run into. 3-4 people should be able to manage most burns
  3. J

    Strategic Harvest System.

    Yep - 2 years on the evergreens. It will burn great - grasses burn fast and wild and that’s what you’ll have after cutting a bunch of evergreens. I’ll see about trying to attach PP presentations they gave us. If not, maybe I can do it through PM. Will also post some info for y’all to call for...
  4. J

    Week one 2021 snares

    Love it. Kill em all. I haven’t tried trapping for yotes but plan on getting into that this year. I’ve trapped, but just with dog proofs for coons, opossums and skunks. I’m excited for catching yotes and bobcats.
  5. J

    Water witching

    I’ve also heard peach. Others say dogwood and various other fruit trees. I’m bound and determined to find a spot. Surely there’s an area to dig out - we’re talking 1.5 miles in the bottoms of hollows. If I can’t find anyone, I’m going to try with a peach limb and the metal wires and just doing a...
  6. J

    Strategic Harvest System.

    I was wondering about planting rye in early spring and if it would shoot up as fast as if it were planted in the fall. I guess the only difference is the root system isn’t established. We may try this. Ya’ll have mentioned ridge top plots. That’s all we have. In fact, we have 9 acres of food...
  7. J

    My Covid story

    I take a pepcid, zyrtec, vit D, elderberry with zinc and vit C every day. I've been lucky I suppose
  8. J

    Ever seen anything like this??

    There's a theory out there that some folks will say these locations are where you'll find bucks bedding ;)
  9. J

    Water witching

    Anyone know anything about it? We have a well on a ridge top where our cabin sits and the well was "witched" years ago for our water. Anyways, we have no flowing water anywhere on our property. We have 2 very big deep hollows that each extend almost 3/4 mile. We are hoping to find a spring...
  10. J

    My Covid story

    Thanks for sharing. Good to know
  11. J

    im thinking of playing golf

    HA agreed! But I will watch it if I'm trying to take a nap.
  12. J


    I didn't think about that with the cr123a batteries. But you're right - I have a thermal scope that uses these batteries and it will work great for a period of time, then just die. I always wondered why just the day before it was 100 percent. Those are the batteries it says to use though, so you...
  13. J

    Oh boy, gonna be noisy this spring

    Yeah I always wondered about that. The last time I went during one of these hatches we didn't catch a thing, but we weren't using top water. I talked to my dad about that yesterday and he said that was the key and they would certainly bite like that. Will be trying it!
  14. J

    First time to Wyoming (pic heavy)

    Thanks for sharing. Wyoming is one of my favorite states - absolutely beautiful!
  15. J

    Do you think a buck is aware of the size of own rack?

    Found a podcast on this discussing the DNA! MSU folks discuss this - here is the link. Very informative and I think everyone would enjoy a listen.
  16. J

    Covid Story- geez

    I am hating China more and more every day
  17. J

    Oh boy, gonna be noisy this spring

    Will be some tough fishing
  18. J

    Last of 2020 Sandhill Crane

    That looks great!
  19. J

    Old hunting videos

    HAHA I think it was called Tree Lounge Trophies. I might I have some old VHS tapes of Margaret. Man we've come a long ways
  20. J

    Placing on public

    I don't hunt public, but some folks take 1 climbing stick out with them. Hang it 2 feet off the ground, step up to top step and hang the camera. 1 stick should get you up over 9 feet