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  1. Andy S.

    Tn Harvest report

    Last I saw was just shy of 160k for a 20% increase from 2019. See link below. Commission Holds First 2021 Meeting (tn.gov)
  2. Andy S.

    Travel Trailer Owners

    Ditto. It will pay for itself many times over if you plan on owning the trailer for a while.
  3. Andy S.


    This thread has answered the OP’s question without any shadow of doubt in my mind.
  4. Andy S.

    Covid- insanity!

    Yes. From what I’ve read, vaccine seems to be very good at keeping the vaccinated from getting deathly ill, but they’re unsure of how, if any, it’ll help slow/prevent the spread of COVID. I’m sure some things will become more clear with time and experience across the general population.
  5. Andy S.

    Prayer request...of sorts

    I hope you can find peace in your heart and eventually mend things with your father. You have an opportunity that many of us never had. Prayers sent.
  6. Andy S.

    Nothing like it!

    Man, that sounds and looks like a lot of fun. Great pics too, thanks for sharing.
  7. Andy S.

    Cwd transportation?

    That is what the regs say. Deboned and all to come back across the state line. I would contact local warden and get his/her opinion for your unique situation. I'd document the conversation (name, date, time, guidance provided). I have some buds who enter their property from TN, but they hunt AR...
  8. Andy S.

    2020 buck is back

    I was hoping that was the case. Even more rewarding IMO. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Andy S.

    0-3 Lifetime License Price Increase??

    As my wife loves to say, "that is the first thing he bought them". Good use of funds for numerous reasons. Thanks for the heads up, I will make my friends and family aware.
  10. Andy S.

    0-3 Lifetime License Price Increase??

  11. Andy S.

    Whoa! That's some wild footage

    Yes indeed. It is amazing how many drivers have no clue how to use their rear view mirror.
  12. Andy S.

    My Self filmed Public land Tennessee Turkey Hunt

    Great footage and audio bud, thanks for sharing. Your calling is on point, but your decision to back off of your calling as he approaches the gun is more compelling, and something all novice hunters can learn from. Keep filming hunts in the timber and you will have a lot of hunters supporting...
  13. Andy S.

    TnDeer annual Duck hunt

    I can already tell one thing with those bottles on the counter, the ducks and geese are safe. Glad RUGER and gasman are there to chaperone. 😝 Cannot wait to hear some of the stories tomorrow. Good luck guys!
  14. Andy S.

    New CVA .40 cal Muzzleloader

    I've read several articles about it. It looks promising for those who still have a MZing season, but useless for us in Unit CWD.
  15. Andy S.

    2020 buck is back

    Man Jay, that is a great buck and mount. Get him on your farm?
  16. Andy S.

    Whoa! That's some wild footage

    Top speeds of 130 mph, and pulling that move at 109 mph. OFC Michael Ellis has a set like church bells. Great footage BMan, thanks for sharing.
  17. Andy S.

    Strategic Harvest System.

    I hunted 18k acres for 15 years straight. If it did not teach me anything else, it taught me how much bucks roam during the rut. On numerous occasions, a member would let a solid buck walk one day, and another member/guest would kill the buck the very next day, 1/2 - 1 mile away. In less than 24...
  18. Andy S.

    Summit Climber

    PM sent.
  19. Andy S.


    Not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice, but what you describe is done all the time by numerous groups of hunters/friends throughout TN.
  20. Andy S.

    Shop is done

    Extremely nice, thanks for sharing.