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  1. Chaneylake

    PPV television is great . . . . .

    I get 12 PPV channels free, imagine that. Watching fights on PPV 4 as I type. Poirier(sp) vs McGregor coming on shortly.
  2. Chaneylake

    Everything safe at DC tomorrow

    The troops have arrived
  3. Chaneylake

    A sad day at Rocky Top

    Even the dog knows, lmrfao
  4. Chaneylake

    Congratulations to Mrs. TAFKAP(My daughter)

    Mrs. TAFKAP just got accepted into Graduate School. I am one very proud Dad.
  5. Chaneylake

    Deep fried Angel Food cake - tequila - lime juice

    Juice from 1 lime - about 1/3 cup clear tequila. Angel Food cake wedge about 2 1/2 inch thick on fat end - about 1 inch thick on skinny end. Quick dipped top and bottom of cake wedges as quick as possible so would not be soggy. Starting oil temperature was 350. As I went through the cooking...
  6. Chaneylake

    Cleaning modern day "non stick surface"

    Rule #1. DO NO SOAK A MODERN DAY NON STICK COOKING UTENSIL IN A SINK WITH A DETERGENT(DAWN WAS MINE). The detergent will eat the non stick surface off. Note: it's ok to clean with detergent just don't soak in detergent solution. Picture to follow soon.
  7. Chaneylake

    If the world spins enough "karma hits"

    My older brother has had a bad case of "road rage" for years. If you are at a red light in front of him and don't take off like a NASCAR driver he will curse you, blow car horn and flip you off. Sometime Thursday(?) someone whipped his bottom. I am trying to find out who did the whipping so I can...
  8. Chaneylake

    Picking up a hitchhiker

    I picked up a hitchhiker today. As soon as I got up to speed He asked "What would you do if I was a serial killer" I replied "What are the odds of 2 of us being in the vehicle together"
  9. Chaneylake

    Air fried or deep fried is the question

    Angle Food cake marinated in tequila and lime juice. I have a "vaccine party" that is in the works.
  10. Chaneylake

    Sometimes a Corporation is just to big. AT&T

    I have my internet through AT&T. The payment is setup to be "automatic pay". I have listened to the AT&T recording that my bill was auto paid on November 30 and again on Dec 28. neither transaction has hit my Bank Account or my American Express card. I guess some things in life are "still free"
  11. Chaneylake

    Catfish tacos

    Does the type of fish really matter?
  12. Chaneylake

    Your greatest "you can't make this stuff up" story

    I have an Aunt in Albany Georgia that was caught getting it on with the Church of Christ preacher in the pulpit. They were recording the event on the preachers pulpit tape recorder. Nope you can't make this up
  13. Chaneylake

    A midnight reminder. . . . .

    If you are sitting on the commode when the clock strikes the new year it will be the same "crap" only a different year.
  14. Chaneylake

    Medium rare oven cooked filet mignon

    In oven at 200 degrees, at 41 minutes internal temperature was 124. Let rest for 20 minutes and then quick seared in cast iron skillet high temp. Air fryer veggies. Red Wine Chocolate sauce for the filet
  15. Chaneylake

    Sitting in line

    For 1st vaccine shot.
  16. Chaneylake

    Well, what did you get?

    I have not opened anything yet.
  17. Chaneylake

    Worse part of a "sex change operation" is . . . .

    When going from male to female and the Doctor sticks the straw in your ear and "sucks out your brain"
  18. Chaneylake

    So true

    Some will get this
  19. Chaneylake

    Bribe $'s for "vaccine"

    Would you pay extra to get your 1st shot. How much would you pay?
  20. Chaneylake

    Fighter "Edgar Berlanga" 16 - 0

    All knock outs in 1st round. I just watched #16