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  1. Andy S.

    ISO 5.56 AR style gun

    Helping a coworker/friend locate and purchase a 5.56. Budget $1k. I know very little about AR style black guns. He will shoot it very little, likely target and shooting the occasional coyote and such. Any out there for sale? Does he need to buy one that is "milspec"? What make/model would you...
  2. Andy S.

    ISO Leupold VX-1 3-9x40 Scope w/Duplex Reticle

    Matte finish, not gloss. Putting feelers out here to see if any of you have one laying around.
  3. Andy S.

    Gun & Bow

    Listing for a friend: 1. Thompson Center Compass, .300 Win Mag with muzzle brake. $350 OBO 2. Mathews LX bow, sight, quiver, stabilizer. $400 OBO 3. He will likely deal if you want both. Located in SW TN near Arlington/Bartlett area. PM me for his contact info.
  4. Andy S.

    Husky Generator 5000 Watt - 6250 Watt, Subaru 9.5 HP

    Like New With Tags. Other than a little dust, this generator is new condition and has been stored inside since purchased brand new. Never had gas or oil in it. Highly sought after Made in Japan EX30 Subaru Commercial Duty Engine. Provides 120 and 240 Volt power. Equipped with 7" rugged wheels...
  5. Andy S.

    ISO .270 rifle with a threaded barrel

    Long shot I know, but figured I would throw it out there to see what may be available.
  6. Andy S.

    TWRA 20-21 Hunting & Trapping Guide

    Here it is in digital format (Adobe PDF). http://www.eregulations.com/wp-content/ ... NHD_LR.pdf
  7. Andy S.

    Retractable Screen for Patio

    Anyone have a recommendation for a screen contractor in SW TN area? My neighbor is building a nice patio/pergola that faces west and wants to install screens to counter the late afternoon sun.
  8. Andy S.

    2020-2021 TWRA Hunting Season Summary

    Thought this may be useful for some, especially those forecasting their vacation days to hunt. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/twra/ ... ummary.pdf
  9. Andy S.

    TN Jake Kill - Spring Season

    There’s been a fair amount of discussion and some good debate on jakes so thought I’d share this for those who haven’t seen it. You’ll at least have the kill/checked in data now.
  10. Andy S.

    Failed nesting attempt

    My buddy in Ohio found this nest today with 12 scattered, busted and eaten eggs.
  11. Andy S.

    Asphalt Paving Company

    Coworker is looking for a reputable asphalt paving contractor in southwest Tennessee to pave his loooong driveway inside Bartlett City Limits. Per him, Bartlett requires a “dustless” surface for driveways. Any of you had a good experience with anyone? If so, let’s hear it.
  12. Andy S.

    HHA Sports Optimizer Sight

    Listing for friend/coworker. HHA Sports Optimizer Sight 3519 3 Pin .019 / Right Hand, Black, OL-3519. Used very little for one season. Has paperwork and sight in strips. Located in SW TN near Arlington. $125 FTF, $135 TYD. https://www.opticsplanet.com/hha-optimi ... MS-OL-3519
  13. Andy S.

    CWD Culling Effort

    I spoke with MDC rep to confirm culling operations after I came across this note on a MDC page. She said culling efforts were happening on nearby private land as well as this MDC CA.
  14. Andy S.

    Looky There

    The Helena Bridge, crossing the MS River at Helena, AR, was struck by a tow few days ago and the tow broke loose, sending barges scattering in all directions with a few sinking. Upon request, we sent our in-house hydrographic survey crew down there today to locate one of the sunken barges that...
  15. Andy S.

    Opry Mills BPS Gun Theft

    Happened overnight: https://fox17.com/news/local/mass-gun-t ... -overnight
  16. Andy S.

    Sold/Expired ISO Honda 300 Fourtrax Rims/Wheels

    I know this is a loooong shot, but been meaning to do this for quite some time now. I would love to find some Honda OEM rims in good/great shape. I know some folks took factory wheels/tires off and upgraded, just have not been able to find someone who has done it. If you know where I could find...
  17. Andy S.

    MS River Rising

    For those not tracking, several forecasts and models suggest we’ll experience flood stages by end of February. Excessive rain over TN & OH River basins is the culprit. Same story, different year. The river bottoms can’t catch a break.
  18. Andy S.

    Nikon scope for sale.

    Re: Nikon scope for sale. Wrong forum and wrong way to start out posting on this site. Try classified section and minimum number of posts before selling.
  19. Andy S.

    Current Quota Hunt Priority Point Status for those curious

    Re: Current Quota Hunt Priority Point Status for those curio Good info, thanks for sharing. I suspect this was for the December rut hunt, correct? I "think" there were some drawn for the October PI buck hunt that had less than 10, but I could be mistaken.
  20. Andy S.

    Sample Letter

    I have seen several discussions over the years where members have drafted up letters to send to landowners expressing their interest in the land and possibly leasing it, if terms can be agreed upon. Does anyone on here have a sample letter they could email me? A coworker is wanting one to send...