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  1. jlanecr500

    Ventless Gas Fireplace

    I put a set of logs in my fireplace 25 years ago. Blocked the top of the fire box and mortared a stepping stone on top of the chimney. We use them occasionally.
  2. jlanecr500

    Family/hunting dog

    I haven't had a ton of dogs but bird hunted with Brittany's when I was young. Now that I'm older, I have 3. 2 30lb female French Brittany's and a 45lb male American Brittany. We've had custody of our grandkids for 28 months. They all absolutely love children and birds of course. They are high...
  3. jlanecr500

    350LGND reloading thoughts

    Care to post the data for N110 ?
  4. jlanecr500

    350LGND reloading thoughts

    What about VV N110 ? It is #61 and Lil gun is #62 on the burn rate chart.. when I get a chance, I'll design a cartridge in Quick Load and come up with a VV N110 load. On a side note, Hammers are no joke. Here are some 325's in 458 Win Mag brass.
  5. jlanecr500


    Please give a detailed explanation of your objection.
  6. jlanecr500


    Pressure rating: The 7.62x51 SAMMI spec is 50,000 CUP or 58 000 psi max. The 308 SAMMI spec is 62 000 psi max. No big deal. Chamber length or headspace: The 7.62x51 chamber headspace spec is .005" longer than the 308 spec. This is to accommodate ammo made in many different countries in battle...
  7. jlanecr500

    Wtb 209 primers

    I've got Federal 209A's but you'll have to pick up in Knoxville. I have 4 boxes of 100. $5 per 100
  8. jlanecr500

    Dog Food

    Victor Performance for my Brittany's.
  9. jlanecr500


    We hunted northern Maine in 2019 and partridge are plentiful up there. Also had a bull moose trott along in front of our truck for a couple hundred yards on a logging road.
  10. jlanecr500


    I believe the climate played a part but coyotes were a huge factor. They not only eat the birds but also eat the eggs. And don't think for a minute that a dog can't catch one I've got a female French Brittany that takes great pride in catching birds.
  11. jlanecr500

    Covid-19 Relief Act in 2021?

    The mandatory 10 day pay was removed before the plan was extended. Democrats wanted it pulled and Republicans caved because the employer tax rebate remained. Now, the employer does NOT have to pay you but will be reimbursed with tax rebates equal to your pay if they do. Sounds like employers of...
  12. jlanecr500

    Panic buying again?

    I've heard rumors that Trump activated The Insurrection Act last night. The Democrats are scurrying.
  13. jlanecr500

    How about an auction in the classifieds?

    Easy, all participants should be site supporters and have the minimum post count.
  14. jlanecr500

    Millennium Tree Seat.

    I use the bar that is under the front of the seat as a carry handle. I can carry out a quartered deer in a garbage bag that is inside the folded up tree seat by using the same bar as a carry handle.
  15. jlanecr500

    Millennium Tree Seat.

    Be sure to order the seat pad. It keeps the cold air off your tail. Love my tree seat. Bought a second one as a backup.
  16. jlanecr500

    painting new metal

    After wiping down with lacquer thinner, wipe it down with white vinegar. Let dry and paint it.
  17. jlanecr500

    Electrical question

  18. jlanecr500

    Displaced People

    A friend's family was displaced from Chuck Swan to Oak Ridge. Then they were displaced from Oak Ridge to Karnes. They have a family cemetery on Chuck Swan.
  19. jlanecr500

    WTB: Stoeger M3500

    If Zach doesn't get it, I'm interested. PM sent
  20. jlanecr500

    A lesson from my own stupidity

    Not that you did, but that is the #1 reason I don't hunt with a muzzle brake. A few years ago I built a 300 wm and I threaded for a brake. I took it hunting (not in a blind) and shot a deer. After shooting,I took my ear protection off. Then I saw the deer get up. Dummy me shot it again and rung...