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    Legal road access question

    A recent case in Roane Co. went to the Circuit court judge....
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    Here is a covid story for you

    There's obviously some sort of genetic predisposition to course of the disease with different people. I'm actually surprised this hasn't been researched and understood better yet.
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    Deer decoy advice needed

    I’ve set up a buck decoy in fields several times. So far only had young bucks come to check them out. left an archery buck decoy in a field in AL last year during the rut ( bout now) the next day it was knocked over and laying 30yrds away next to a trail leaving the field. One leg was missing...
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    Anyone going on an AL guided hunt the next few weeks?

    I’m fortunate enough to be on a lease in Clarke Co. AL....hunt there every year from Jan 15-end of season. Rut is hot there right now...
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    Anybody got some extra worm medicine laying around

    It’s a drug. Whether used on animals or humans, it’s a drug. Normally, it’s used to fight parasitic infections. it’s used for parasites in humans and animals throughout the world. apperently, it’s thought by some to have some benefit in covid infections. I don’t know if it does or not, but...
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    Battery maintainer

    Thanks for the information....ordered an onboard battery charger from West Marine... I appreciate the advice and education.
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    Battery maintainer

    I'm not sure I know what an "onboard" charger is. The batteries charge off the engine when running. I was told it had 2 batteries so if I was a dumbass and ran one down while parked (radio etc) I could switch to the other and have juice. It's a pontoon boat I bought used. It looks like the...
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    Battery maintainer

    My new boat has 2 batteries that can be switched in case one is dead. I've got power at ny dock. Can I plug in one battery maintainer (tender) and wire accross to the second battery and keep both boosted or should I set up two tenders?
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    WTB: Old straight tube scope.

    I got an old weaver 4x I’d consider parting with...
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    Chicks with guns

    I can see why Germany regretted invading russia
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    Blessed beyond belief! GIANT iowa buck

    Congrats...I make note of the time you saw him....It seems all the really big deer I see are right at last shooting light or just after where I can see them but not ethically shoot....
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    Feeding Animals

    An “all meat” diet isn’t healthy for dogs and the change in diet may very well upset the gi tract....
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    Scope ring recommendation for an old Remington 742 30-06

    I put Burris rings a a decent vortex scope on it. Taking it to the range tomorrow to zero. I’m afraid I’ll find out why Remington quit making them.
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    Taking pregnant does?

    Many does taken in late season are pregnant. None of the does taken early season are pregnant. So what. Neither are goi to reproduce.
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    Scope ring recommendation for an old Remington 742 30-06

    I dont know about the old scope, but I'll ask. Its got very fine lines like I see on target scopes. Clarity is "OK" but not as good as the one I'm mounting for him....
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    Scope ring recommendation for an old Remington 742 30-06

    At the end of the day, went with weaver one piece base and burris steel rings....Now if I can just get the ***^* clip to operate properly with the release button, I'll be in high cotton....
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    Airlines Crack Down on "Emotional Support Animals"

    I got the emergency row isle one flight. I’d boarded early and immediately read the brochure on emergency procedures. It said the emergency door weighed 70#. I then picked up my novel to read. A geriatric feeble couple with canes and h earing aids next set in middle and window seats with the...
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    Scope ring recommendation for an old Remington 742 30-06

    Helping a bud rescope an old 742.....ring setup recommendation. Right now he’s got a high rise “see tru” and an old Leopold 2-7 scope.
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    Your first concert

    Janis Joplin UT 1969
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    Small package needs a ride .

    I’m in Rossville will be heading to Harriman west of Knoxville wed