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  1. Mag

    A cool Tennessee Whiskey story

    I was in a local shop this week and sampled a Whiskey that I had never heard of, Uncle Nearest. Knowing there is an interesting history associated with this Distillery I checked out their website.... what a really cool story. unclenearest.com
  2. Mag

    Debt free journey

    Watching how my Mother and Mother -in-Law have dealt with the loss of their Spouses and reduction of income has really made me realize how important being debt free before retirement is. My Wife and I have been on a mission over the past few years (as a couple we started late in life having only...
  3. Mag

    Outdoor Edge knife

    https://www.outdooredge.com/products/razor-pro Does anyone have feedback on this knife?
  4. Mag

    Gallatin Steam Plant WMA

    I was disappointed to see that this WMA was closed this year but took a drive through there today and was surprised to see that some of the TWRA WMA parking signs are still up. This could really cause someone to get into a lot of trouble.
  5. Mag

    I'm an idiot......

    Decided to make a quick run over to the property I've been hunting to check the cameras. * Camera 1 over a food plot / mineral block = dead batteries (I kept telling myself to take extras with me....DOH!) * Camera 2 which I had recently relocated to a trail area = turned off! :mad:
  6. Mag

    What the heck is this??

    My Daughter sent this picture to me asking if I know what it is? I am stumped. Anyone??
  7. Mag

    Got my Euro mount

    Picked up my Euro mount this morning.... turned out pretty good
  8. Mag

    well well well .....

    Had this guy show up recently in the same area where I took the 9 pt a couple of weeks ago. The pics aren't too clear but hopefully I will see him in the daylight sometime this season.
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  10. Mag

    "Black Friday's"

    With big boxes deciding to close Thanksgiving Day this Black Friday ads are going to be spread out over the month. Saw an ad last night for Wal-Mart and a 40' Roku tv for $88.
  11. Mag

    Excalibur kill #1

    Scored my first buck with my Excalibur using Rage hypodermics. Passthrough at 25 yards, I hit him a little farther back than planned but still a double lung shot. He ran about 40 yards, stopped and dropped. Heavy and fat 9 pt.
  12. Mag

    On the board my first buck!

    I'll try not to be too long winded but here goes... a friend of mine gave me permission to hunt his place as long as I shared some meat = deal! I figured this year will be more of a scouting year and learning the layout, deer patterns etc so I set up a few buddy stands, cameras and a small foot...
  13. Mag

    Mother in Law moving in

    Anyone else had their Mother in Law move in? After my Father in Law passed away last month she just couldn't handle living in the house so she stayed with us. After a few weeks decided to sell her house. Lucky for us it's maybe 10 minutes away. The house sold for full asking price on day one, no...
  14. Mag

    Husqvarna YTH 24K48 riding mower $800 - SOLD

    Posting for my Mother in Law so I don't know this mower but do know my Father in Law took great care of his equipment. Always garage kept even though it's dirty. Meter shows 184 hours of use. Located in Gallatin and she also will throw in a pull behind yard aerator. Sorry pics are flipped, they...
  15. Mag

    My stone wall project

    After reading through Ruger's bathroom project I thought I would share my fireplace wall project that I did a couple of weeks ago. Started with this...
  16. Mag

    Free harness

    Also posted in the free forum. I have a few extra treestand harnesses that came with some buddy stands. If you don't own one and need one let me know.
  17. Mag

    Treestand harness

    I have a few treestand harnesses that came with buddy stands and will give away to anyone who doesn't own one. Don't take the chance of not being safe!
  18. Mag

    Father in Law - prayers please

    My Father in Law is a tough ole dude. Was an Army Ranger and in Vietnam when technically we weren't. Did and saw things that he won't discuss but you can read into the little he does share. Well I guess it's that time when God needs him more than we do, and that's ok. His health has been failing...
  19. Mag

    Dale Hollow lake day

    My Wife and I took a staycation last week as I worked on my stone wall project. We have always been partial to Dale Hollow lake so we decided to rent a boat for a day and another couple joined us. We rented it from Dale Hollow Marina - what a great group of people. I had forgotten how beautiful...
  20. Mag

    This week's project

    [attachment=2]fireplace 2.jpg Photos aren't in order but I removed the original mantel and surrounding sheetrock, Added some additional bracing, especially around the tv mount area so I'd be sure to find a stud then put up backer board before adding the stone. We have a black mantel ordered but...