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    Incidental elk question

    Do weapons restrictions apply to taking "incidental elk" while deer hunting?
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    Parksville Lake?

    Is the TWRA still stocking muskies and walleye into Parksvlle? Thanks
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    Pigeon River stocked with muskies

    TWRA put some muskies into the Pigeon River recently.
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    Would you pay to shoot an elk

    that wanders outside the restoration zone?
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    TWRA to regulate gaffed fish

    https://www.tn.gov/twra/news/2018/8/24/ ... eview.html
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    Deer management meetings

    http://www.chattanoogan.com/2018/8/14/3 ... egard.aspx Public forums on deer
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    Groundhog Daikon radishes

    Any success with radishes for deer?
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    Parksville Lake ?

    Anyone catching any walleye out of Parksville Lake now that walleye are being stocked there? Thanks
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    Smokies elk being seen in TN where they are not wanted

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wbir.c ... -560389483
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    Single shot guns in muzzleloading season?

    Looks like some on the TWRA want to change "muzzleloader " season in Tennessee to a "Primitive weapons" season? Thoughts?
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    Alligator gar

    So the TWRA is stocking alligator gar? Lets hope it works out, they get huge
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    Bama and Gawja on the verge of legalizing deer baiting

    statewide and baiting in hogs in each state. I think Ga had already legalized some baiting? This despite CWD being found in Mississippi
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    Is the Indiana DNR violating state law?

    https://www.indystar.com/story/news/201 ... 873568001/ I wonder how often wildlife agency rules and polices conflict with state and local laws?
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    Anybody seen an alligator snapper in TN?

    http://www.tnswap.com//files/TN%20Biodi ... appers.pdf I bet they can eat a lot of fish
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    NC might outlaw cartridge guns in primitive season

    I know the use of cartridge guns has generated lots of discussion on here during primitive/ muzzleloader season. A few years ago the state of NC rewrote their rules to legalize guns made before 1898 in muzzleloader season including ones that fire cartridges. Now I've heard they are repealing...
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    2 buck limit question

    Since going to a statewide 2 buck limit has your hunting experience been ruined? Has it had an extremely negative experience on your hunting seasons?
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    So what is the point of allowing kids to shoot

    any buck when you restrict adult hunters to 9 points or better or spikes? Noticed this in the regs for Moss Island WMA
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    What size landing net for catfish?

    Particularly flathead cats Thanks
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    Changes possibly coming to NC deer hunting limits

    Possible big changes are coming to gun and muzzleloader deer seasons in NC for next year. There is discussion of a statewide 2 buck limit like TN has.