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    He gone

    Pruitt out, Fulmer maybe
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    I have 2 places only 1/4 each I thought of growing sweet corn, would need to keep out traps for coons, has anyone grown small corn plots? Is it worth fooling with? I thought if it made it till winter would be good, also thought of growing sunflowers mixed in and have a small personal dove field
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    Super beets

    Any opinions? Seems safe and can give energy and lower BP, Im 59 and when I get off work energy isn’t always there, wonder if any one uses and if its safe
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    Matthews VXR

    Thinking of getting one man they are smooth!!! I have an mq1 I bought new in 2000, still a good bow I bet I’d be lucky to get 200 for it
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    Whats everyone doing?

    Im clearing around foodplots, and fruit trees, cutting and stacking cedars, liming fields and trees
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    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Neyland Never knew all his accomplishments
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    I used to love hunting them here in east TN hills, but in the last 15 yrs seems they have disappeared. Coons, coyotes, hawks, have made a dent in their population, have any of you seen any lately? I suppose they might be some in higher elevations
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    The cheap kind, is there any method of spreading except by shovel, or lime spreader? Truck cannot make it to my plots
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    You think Vol fans are crazy

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    Could be a candidate

    Jeff Fisher
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    Walleye on Clinch

    I have a week off and thinking of trying some walleye fishing on Clinch river, I have never fished it and will try from bank, near Tazewell, anyone have some pointers?
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    Squirrels when its cold

    When its this cold, highs around 30-40, what time of day is best to hunt?
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    Trimming trees around plots

    I used my polesaw today and probably have quite a few more days, a lot of limbs grow far out into fields shading plots and apple trees
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    Mullen news

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    Dylan Brooks

    Just signed with the Vols
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    Favorite games

    To play around holidays? I like scrabble, pinnochle, cards against humanity
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    Vols vs Colorado

    Who ya got?
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    Vols have been double digit dogs under Pruitt

    5 times, previously in the whole history of Vol football just 5 times
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    Recommend me a meat grinder

    I killed a buck that had some rather chewy backstraps, probably the rest is too, I have a hand cranker but want electric, varieties and prices are all over the place, thanks in advance