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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    Have a Reelfoot duck hunt coming up this week - Thursday and Friday. Any news on how its been or expected to be later this week? Thanks.
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    WTB CVA Wolf or Optima

    Looking for a CVA Wolf , Optima or something similar - thought I'd check what may be out there now that the season is over.
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    Was it a coon hunt?

    Out on Priest Saturday and heard a number of dogs and shots most of the day. Shots sounded like shotguns and I assumed squirrel or rabbit but then wondered if t could be coon hunters. Considering the turkey population I was hoping coon hunters. Perhaps the hunter(s) are on the forum but barring...
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    Reelfoot Guide

    Considering a hunt on Reelfoot in January. Anyone have any recommendations on an outfitter? Not sure what costs, lodging, etc. to expect Thanks for any thoughts/recommendations.
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    For sale: Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85 spotting scope.

    Have a Vortex Viper 20-60x85 angled spotting scope. Used for a trip with my daughter for elk in CO. Came in very handy and has a soft case and basic tripod. No issues but found an AR I'd like to fund. $450 OBO. Thanks for looking.
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    Looking for an AR

    Leaning towards a Bushmaster (QRC) or M&P (Sport ii) but wanted to see what may be available out there before I look to retail. Thanks.
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    Wanton waste/Quartering a deer

    After hunting out west I really like the idea of quartering a whitetail locally but not sure if "legal". My questions is 1.) Can you quarter a deer in TN (and then process once checked in) 2.) What must you take of the deer for it not to be considered "wanton waste". I don't want to waste any...
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    Pekin Ducks

    Have some Pekin ducks (4) we're looking to get rid of. If anyone wants them let me know. They're about 11 -12 weeks old.
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    12 gauge steel shot for sale SOLD

    Monarch steel shot. #4 and #2 shot size. Have 10 boxes of #4 and 8 boxes of #2. $6 per box or $100 for all. OBO.
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    Recommendation on gunsmith in Murfreesboro

    Looking to glass bed a stock for 6.5 creedmore. Not a big project but haven't had anyone work on any guns locally or at least middle TN. Any suggestions?
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    WTB pack frame for elk/mule deer

    Taking my 16 yo daughter elk hunting in CO this year. She'll have the elk tag and I'm along to carry it out :). I do have a Kelty pack that will work but she does not have one. Thought I'd see if there's a pack out there that someone would part with before looking retail. She can always wear the...
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    Duck Blind Condition Report

    Looking for the blind condition report for Old Hickory unit 1. Is this available for review somewhere?
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    Elk Cape or bear rug suggestion

    Taking my daughter elk hunting this fall in Colorado. Not sure we have a great chance but wanted to check if anyone can recommend someone in TN (preferably middle TN but willing to travel) that has done an elk cape or bear rug (for $100 makes sense to get a bear tag as well). Trying to do some...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Camper top or bed cover for FORD Ranger

    Thought I'd check and see if there's a camper top or bed cover out there for sale for a 2004 FORD Ranger 6' bed. Ping me if so. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired WTB Spotting Scope

    Thought I'd check and see what's available out there before going retail...
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    WY Antelope Help

    Noticed WY antelope draw is June 1st. Hadn't realized there's still a chance for the draw and clearly late to the game so may be a little unfair to ask this now... I've hunted Colorado so familiar with their draw (elk and deer) but not tried Wyoming. Are there decent areas that require 1 or 0 PP...
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    Not what I expected

    So... because of work I was only able to hunt with my daughter for opening morning and not been in the turkey woods since. Unfortunate but finally got to me and able to get out this morning. Set up and 3 soft yelps at first light. 10 minutes later a hen showed up looking for another turkey (me)...
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    Unit 77,78 CO

    Daughter and I put in for unit 77,78 for mule deer in Colorado. Don't know if we'll get drawn and still early but wanted to see if anyone has hunted these areas for deer and any suggestions (or things/areas to avoid). Not looking for the biggest buck (although would take) but more of an overall...
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    Who to call when someone hunting illegally on WMA

    Came across 2 different guys hunting without youth this past weekend. Tried to look up a number on my phone but unsuccessful. Is there a ph# to call on a weekend if this happens again?
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    Recommendations on where to hunt mule deer with my daughter

    Daughter is 16 and she and I went to CO 3 years ago and she got her 1st mule deer. She and I would like to go back this fall (especially with college right around the corner) and looking at CO again but wanted to see if any recommendations out there. Not opposed to other species at the same time...