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    How To Acquire New Hunting Property

    I have noticed a few of y'all recently have posted about getting new hunting property. I have not looked for new property in 25 years. I got 2 good places when I was 16. I lost my favorite in 2011 when the tornadoes wiped it out so I have 1 place that I've hunted since then. The man that owns it...
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    SOLD Savage 17 HMR

    For Sale: Savage 93R17 It has the accu trigger and heavy barrel. Comes with a Simmons 3-9x50mm scope, 19 rounds of Hornady V-Max ammo and a bipod. The bipod was thrown in with the gun when I got it but attaches to a rail which this gun doesn't have. Everything is in excellent shape. No rust or...
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    HME Hitch Hoist

    I bought one of these back in the summer to use this hunting season to load deer into the back of the truck since I usually hunt by myself and also to raise the deer while I skin it out so I don't have to have a tree limb. After putting it all together, I realized that there doesn't seem to be...
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    Turkey Fan Shelf

    I saw one of these online and thought it would be a pretty cool idea. I gave my dad a picture of one and he made this one for me using a fan off of a turkey I killed and some used shells for the hat hangers. I thought it turned out pretty good.
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    Hunting with Diabetes

    I've had diabetes for over 30 years. I got it when I was really young so I've just learned how to deal with it in different situations. I would say I'm used to it but sometimes every day is a new day. It seems everything affects blood glucose whether it be stress, activity level and, of course...
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    Using Gun Powder in a Muzzleloader

    I know some of y'all reload and are pretty smart on this. I know nothing about different powders. I've always used 2 pellets of either pyrodex or 777 for probably 20 years of muzzleloading. On the barrel of my MZ it states not to use anything except blackpowder. A guy I know uses a "blackpowder...
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    Junk or Treasure?

    My dad has just gotten into metal detecting and loves it. He's been watching a lot of videos on it and trying to learn about it. He found some stuff but not sure what some of it is. One piece is a button and looks to be from the civil war. It has maybe an eagle with wheat and arrows possibly...
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    How to persuade a Buck

    This year I decided to move stand locations closer to a thicket. I've just been 3 times since MZ opened but everytime I've seen a lot of deer and one shooter each time I've been but it still hasn't worked out to put one in the truck. The first morning, he came by with his nose to the ground in a...
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    Meat Grinders

    I'm thinking about trying to process my own deer this year. I've never done it but have been watching some videos trying to get some sort of idea on how to do it. I have access to a vacuum sealer and bought some freezer paper but I may need a meat grinder. Any suggestions on where to start? I...
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    Thanks to the Veterans

    Thanks to all the veterans who are serving or have served the greatest nation! I know there's a lot going on that I don't like but I'd rather be here than anywhere else. I have family members who served in wars and still live with shrapnel today. It makes me proud to have the heritage I have...
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    My Intro

    I guess I should've done this earlier but wasn't sure what to say since I'm not a very exciting person. I've not been on here in about 16 years I think. Seems like it was around 2004 maybe. I've lived most of my life in the Chattanooga area. I have hunted for about 29 years. I like deer...
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    Staying Warm

    I love climbing in the stand on a cold, frosty morning. There's nothing like it! But I am cold-natured. I prefer 80° temps, just not to hunt in. So when I hunt, I have to put on so many clothes I can hardly move. If I fell out of a tree, I don't think I'd hardly feel it. My feet freeze and it...