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    Venison with port cranberry and gorgonzola cheese

    I cannot recommend this enough. Best venison I've eaten. Sautee 2 cloves garlic, 1 large shallot, chopped portobello mushrooms in 2tbs butter. Add 1/4 cup dried cranberries,, 1 cup beef broth, 1 cup port wine and low boil to reduce to approx 1/2 cup (approx 10 min)...set aside. Thick slice...
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    Interesting jawbone

    Anyone disagree it is a classic example of a 2.5yo deer? Almost no wear on PM3, broken cusps on the right M1 and PM3- not wear The only thing that indicates it is any older than 2.5 is the last cusp of M3 is fully erupted and tall. (Sorry I didn't capture that adequately in the photo)
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    TN wrapped up

    I still had a tag for a cull in TN, and since my other culls were killed by neighbors on other farms, I decided to go after my fall-back buck. I passed him up in ML at 50 yards, hoping to get the kids on him, but neither of my kids could find him in the scope during rifle when he came out for...
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    Pretty bird

    She came to 3 yards of my shoothouse. 2 more like her in the flock of 30. Also 5 young jakes in that group, so at least somebody had a good hatch
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    She shoots..... she scores!

    Really proud of this girl! Her 2nd buck ever, has passed more bucks since age 9 than most. We found this buck bumping does 500y away this morning, stalked to 275 yds, then she made a perfect high shoulder shot to dump him in his tracks. Solid 4.5yo, 148in, 18 inside with 22 and 23 in beams...
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    What happened to LBL man?

    Haven't seen Wes around in a while... anyone know if he is OK and what happened to him?
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    Here we go!

    Just pulled cams on my local south MS lease that have been out since late Oct. I've found my buck to hunt this year. He is 6.5 this year, and actually grew a browtine on his right side. I passed him up last year during bow season, as his running mate was one of the two deer I was hunting...
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    Goodbye radishes :(

    21 degrees in the forecast in a few days. Looks like that will end my extended growing season for radishes this year. Oh well, they've done a great job tilling the soil and feeding the deer in the process. This one is about 15in long.
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    Whats he score?.... update

    Pic is from late September. I believe he is 5.5 yo. Will he fit my definition of a cull (fully mature buck with less than 120 gross inches)?
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    Pear ID please

    I found this pear tree on my lease on south MS... in the middle of nowhere, no old homesite near that I know of, no other pear trees anywhere close. I Google it, and it looks like a 'Dr. Deer Pear'. The flavor is very similar to the old time hard pears, but the flesh is much softer. Small...
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    What are the chances...

    Our local south MS lease manager seeded a quarter of our plots this past Sunday... problem is, I sprayed the plots 5 weeks ago and got a great burndown, he bushhogged the plots 2w ago, then just threw seed out Sunday without disking or even scratching the ground. We got 2.5inches of hard rain...
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    Explanation from the crappie experts...

    My friend and I went fishing a 20ac private club lake Saturday morning.... 48 degrees, water temp was 70 degrees. This lake does not have steep dropoffs, just a gradual drop down to the dam which is 13 ft. There is structure off a point in 7 to 8 ft of water, and we have caught crappie there...
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    Whew, I'm whooped! New stand done!

    We got my new 4x6 shoot house elevated and secured this morn, trimmed all the hackberries to open up additional space to be able to cover and shoot. Its airtight, and anchored to the ground at each leg with a 3ft Tpost sunk and screwed into the 4x4s, then a 6in fence post sunk 5ft deep, secured...
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    The buffet

    8 contiguous acres of wheat, fria rye, balansa clover, and ecotill radishes. Amazing to think this field was completely overgrown with 3 to 7in trash trees just 1.25 years ago! There were 10 in in yesterday eve. Unfortunately, my camera i hung 5 weeks ago malfunctioned and I only got 2 days...
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    Groundwork on new plot finished!

    We just finished up a new 3/4 acre plot i had been planning for over a year on a new piece of property i bought a couple years ago. Its on a slight rise in the middle of a 40 acre swampy hardwood bottom. The hardwoods were poorly managed by the prior owner, timbered heavily, and successional...
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    Even more ML technologic advancements

    Thinking about going even more modern with my ML this season... Anyone have one of these and willing to share feedback? https://www.traditionsfirearms.com/cate ... der-series Or one of these? https://www.capitolarmory.com/silencerco-maxim-50.html
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    Feels good!

    Made it to TN! Saw 100 deer in the last 2 hours of daylight, 20 turkeys (no poults), and even the lone wild peacock ive heard the past 2 years but never laid eyes on. Life is good! Didn't see a buck I would shoot, but 3 or 4 in the 125in range I'm going to try to put my son on. Got 1 more...
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    High dollar shed

    Cut the 5ac clover food plot for hay this week on the new farm, found one side off the 4.5yo cull we had as a shooter. My son and I saw him back in Nov, but he was chasing so hard my son couldn't get a shot off. Glad he made it, but this hurts. Sent from my SM-G970U1 using Tapatalk
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    This hurts the wallet just a little bit :) I was hoping to find some on clearance, but no such luck so far. I had gotten down to my last box after this season and don't want to take a chance I won't be able to find some for next spring, so I bit the bullet. Wife still can't believe I would...
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    Turkey BBQ?

    Any of you guys tried this? Crockpot filled with 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs, 2 breasts covered in dry chicken rub. Chicken bullion to mostly cover the meat. 18h, then shred the meat, remove 3/4 of the liquid, then add some sweet baby rays sauce and slow cook another 2 -3 h. Just unreal BBQ that...