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  1. Rollo

    Looking for Texan LSS .257

    Yeah, I talked to that guy a couple of weeks ago. It's a Condor but a really nice one. Tricked out w/Donnie FL but Christmas and COVID have cleaned me out for the moment. Thanks for the heads up though!
  2. Rollo

    Wish I’d found this last month

    Good grief! One heck of a post there...
  3. Rollo

    FS: Walther Q5 Match w/optic

    Walther Q5 Match (9mm, composite, button mag release) with Burris Fast Fire 3 optic. Excellent condition. 3 x 15 round mags, factory case and paperwork. Will throw in competition belt/holster/2 mag holster with asking price. Face to face transaction only. CCW required or FFL transfer...
  4. Rollo

    Looking for Texan LSS .257

    Not sure but I've heard good reports of 175 yd. distances. My .457 Texan is good out to 100 yards with 1" groups and still passing through a treated 2x6 with 300 gr. lead. I'm hoping for flatter trajectory with the .257 for midsized varmits. Just need to get my hands on one now....
  5. Rollo

    Thanksgiving Tradition Buck

    That's a dandy one there. Congrats!
  6. Rollo

    Looking for Texan LSS .257

    Looking for a quiet critter getter. I'm already invested in the Texan platform so this would be my first choice. Hoping someone here in TN had one they were willing to part with. I have more substantial arms willing to trade. Thanks....
  7. Rollo

    Gotta do it

    Just probably not cinching it up correctly. Sometimes it's solid but others it flies right off. I just need to practice more I think...
  8. Rollo

    opening morning rifle

    Airforce Texan SS .457 air rifle.
  9. Rollo

    Tactacam and scope mount.

    Sweet! Looking forward to some footage pretty soon.
  10. Rollo

    Gotta do it

    Will do. Thanks!
  11. Rollo

    Gotta do it

    Sorry to hijack but what knot do you guys like for tying the small test fluoro to braid? Especially the Gliss. I tried every knot I could find to get that stuff to hold. Running leader knots through rod eyes would destroy everything I tied. FG, double Uni and Alberto are the ones I've been...
  12. Rollo

    Tactacam and scope mount.

    What phone are you trying to connect with it? iPhone or Android? Apple had a recent OS update so it may not be communicating with the app properly. That's been my experience with app based products. Hope you get it working. If not, hope you can return it. I had one of those ATN digital...
  13. Rollo

    Lincoln county

    Foreplay at the moment. The boys are starting to make the rounds...
  14. Rollo

    Suggestions on 45 or 50 cal air gun

    It also depends on what you're willing to wait for. I personally don't have experience with the .50 cal. but my old Texan SS .45 (aluminum tank) has produced for me without fail. Quiet, accurate, powerful. I would upgrade to the carbon fiber tank and TX2 valve if I had the $$$. But my...
  15. Rollo

    Tactacam and scope mount.

    Which model is that? And what scope are you using? Looks pretty cool. Curious on the outcome and quality
  16. Rollo

    Suggestions on 45 or 50 cal air gun

    I've had this Monstrum on mine for a couple of years and a couple of hundred rounds down it. So far so good... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CH0OH90
  17. Rollo

    Suggestions on 45 or 50 cal air gun

    I really like my Texan SS. I would completely go for the upgraded CF tank and TX2 valve if offered. The SS is fine for accurate kill shots within 100 yds. (in my opinion). I dropped a buck at 55 last year with mine and had no issues. Go LSS for anything farther than that, unless you are...
  18. Rollo

    Proud of my latest 100 Yard shot with Texan SS.

    Nice shooting! What grain bullet?
  19. Rollo

    Annual TNDeer...Post your BOAT picture

    Yup, yaks have come a long way. I can still get in the skinny but drop the pedal drive and cruise about 4 mph on the flat water. Fuel is what I eat...
  20. Rollo

    Scope recommendation

    I've owned several Hawke scopes and none have disappointed. Being airgun rated makes a big difference. I won't use Nikon or Leupold on my airguns. It's s different kind of recoil. Even with a .22 springer. ESPECIALLY springers. Airguns play havoc on scopes.