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  1. Bigswede3423

    Looks like he got a good one.

    Now you got me wanting one.
  2. Bigswede3423


    I’ll echo PSA. I’ve built two using their stuff and it’s good with good pricing. I would definitely buy from them again.
  3. Bigswede3423

    Sitting in line

    Got mine this afternoon. So far no side affects but they said my arm may hurt later.
  4. Bigswede3423

    Dawn wells RIP

    Way hotter than Ginger
  5. Bigswede3423

    Buying from carvana?

    From what guys say on the Tundra forum they are very fair, even when selling to them.
  6. Bigswede3423

    Chicks with guns

    LOL @BlackBelt. She has a look not to be trifled with!
  7. Bigswede3423

    Family vacation ideas

    ^^This^^. Quiet is why I bought a lot on Fripp. Been going since 2010 and have been several times. No water parks, no high rise hotels.
  8. Bigswede3423

    Finished off the season with a nice little six point

    Been a nice one next year. LOL. Dang nice buck!
  9. Bigswede3423

    The error in my ways...binoculars

    X2 on the harness. Can’t remember the brand of mine but they are awesome. They are a universal fit.
  10. Bigswede3423

    First aid kit....

    Informan is correct. High or die. As high up on the limb as you can go and as tight as you can make it.
  11. Bigswede3423

    First aid kit....

    Yes I carry one in my truck at all times. Has everything you have except the tourniquet. You just never know when you may need one.
  12. Bigswede3423

    Where are the deer?

    Killed this small 6 this morning in Loudon county. He was with a young buck cruising. Hocks were black.
  13. Bigswede3423

    Blood question

    Big bodied deer!
  14. Bigswede3423

    Prolly wrong place

    Have a 2018 Tundra. Absolutely love it. I think it rides great but I haven’t ridden in a newer Silverado. Tundra doesn’t have as many bells and whistles but that’s how I like it. Rumor has it that the 2021 or 2022 Tundra will have a turbo V6 so if you want the big V8 I would buy now.
  15. Bigswede3423

    The President elect is already assembling his gun grabbers

    How do you buy back something you never owned in the first place?
  16. Bigswede3423

    Thank you Democrats

    All this does is screw the law abiding citizens of this nation.
  17. Bigswede3423

    Parler - Anyone on it?

    I just signed up as Twitter repeatedly censors people I follow.
  18. Bigswede3423

    Anybody hunt with a 45-70?

    Yep. Marlin lever action. I use the Leverevelution.