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  1. Safari Hunt

    Rabbit hunting photo needed

    Writing an article for a national magazine on small game hunting. Anyone have a photo of a rabbit hunt? Dogs with rabbits, rabbits and shotgun, hunters with rabbits, etc. Full credit will be given for the photo. Thanks.
  2. Safari Hunt

    Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting

    Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission January 21, 2021 - January 22, 2021 January 21-22 - THE WESTIN CHATTANOOGA - 801 Pine Street - Chattanooga, TN 37402 Thought I would post this as it is the first one that has been close to me. I plan...
  3. Safari Hunt

    Hog preparation?

    Got my curiosity up. Do you do your butchering? Or how/where do you have the hog processed? I live in Cleveland so would look close to home to hunt and process. Does brucellosis cause any concerns with a butcher shop? TIA.
  4. Safari Hunt

    Getting ready for 2021 season?

    What do you folks do to prepare for the 2021 season? I have some WMAs that I would like to familiarize my self with. Have OnXMaps and see the general layouts and the surronding land. Grandson and I spent some time in the woods but blanked. We did see some does one time but he wasn't sure he...
  5. Safari Hunt

    Prep for Euro mount?

    Seen several here and interested in them. Regluar mounts are great but out of the budget for now. What is needed to prep the skull? Anything on Youtube? Thanks.
  6. Safari Hunt

    Browning Pro Scout Camera

    Got a Bass Pro flyer and the back page had the Browning Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera for $199.99.
  7. Safari Hunt

    Taking pregnant does?

    My grandson and I blanked today but did find a good crappie fishing site. Later, my wife asked if does that are taken according to regulations are pregnant. That was one I couldn't answer or even BS my way to an answer.
  8. Safari Hunt

    Prayer request

    My son-in-law's brother and sister-in-law have Covid. She has virtually no symptoms but he was taken to the ER at Memorial. Many thanks. I'm impressed with the genuine concern epxressed her for both prayer requests and those who respond.
  9. Safari Hunt

    Email notifications?

    I have unchecked everything I can find but still get email notifications. This is even on threads that I haven't viewed. Any suggestions?
  10. Safari Hunt

    Tragedy could have been prevented!

    Hunter killed and not wearing orange. https://abcnews.go.com/US/hunter-shot-death-mistaken-deer-hunter/story?id=74478108
  11. Safari Hunt

    Ground blind?

    I have a ground blind but hesitant to set it up a day or so before hunting on WMA land. Have heard that a blind should be set up several days for the deer or turkeys to get used to it. Also have one of the burlap camo blinds. Your help is appreciated.
  12. Safari Hunt

    Knife accident

    Took my grandson to the range to let him get used to the .243 for this season. We got back to his house and learned that his friend's father cut his hand while field dressing a deer. Took 31 stitches. We are all aware of having a sharp knife for field dressing but need to make sure that care is...
  13. Safari Hunt

    Coyotes skins!

    Is there any market for them?
  14. Safari Hunt

    Am I lucky or what?

    Wife has been washing all my hunting clothes with Dead Down Wind. BTW, told her about All with no fragrance. Anyway, she took an empty storage box. sprayed it with DDW and set it outside. Then she put my hunting things in the box. Any suggestions to put in with the clothes? I'm lucky that she...
  15. Safari Hunt

    Treestand harness

    This is about Mississippi having a law making safety harnesses mandatory on WMAs. The sentence is in the part, Climb Safely. https://www.djournal.com/pontotoc/lets-hunt-carefully-out-there-with-these-safety-tips/article_06b652d7-6a4b-55c0-a889-a88842d8becc.html#:~:text=State law requires hunters...
  16. Safari Hunt

    Where are the deer?

    They are never where you need them. If squirrel hunting, you see deer. Deer hunting, you see squirrels. A friend was fishing the Chattahoochee River this morning. A buck was chasing a doe and almost pushed him into the river. He said it had lot of prongs/points but didn't get to count them...
  17. Safari Hunt


    Got a text last night from my grandson who is hot to trot for getting a deer, preferably a buck. He asked when did the rut start. Thought I would pose the question here. As you see, we live in Bradley County. Seems that mornings are going to be in the 20s for next week. Heard that the cold...
  18. Safari Hunt

    Handgun hunters?

    Loading up some .44 mag loads and try it in the next few days. Anyone else hunt with a handgun?
  19. Safari Hunt

    Crosman .177 Nitro

    Planning in hunting with it for small game. So much hunting, so little time.
  20. Safari Hunt


    My grandson has been wanting to get a deer. Almost today. We were hunting and not long after we got settled, four does came over a ridge. They stopped and the lead doe spotted us. By the time he was ready to shoot, we saw four white tails. I think she saw him slowly moving and/or we weren't...