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  1. gtk

    300 win mag, thoughts?

    I've shot a few deer with my 300 wsm, and barnes 168TTSX. Complete passthru and not any more meat loss than my 270 win. I"ve shot several elk with the same bullet and all but 1 shots have been passthru's, even when i hit one in the antler ;)
  2. gtk

    MeWe Search Bar Missing

    My search bar is still there. Have any of you tried "gab" ? I like it much better than mewe. They are currently having growing pains , but if they ever get those worked out, i'm going to try and get as many friends as possible to use it.
  3. gtk

    Original tndeer members

    2001 here. i found this site when a guy at work was talking about "msdeer". Later i met member named "dg7080" at work adn started participating more on tndeer. "msdeer" used to be about as active as tndeer, but it eventually lost almost all activity while tndeer continued to grow .
  4. gtk

    Recommendations for Guided Elk Hunt 2022

    No "guide" recommendations, but some thoughts. Study sites like "huntstats" to get an idea for the area you are wanting to hunt. Also there is a website that has reviews for a lot of guides. There's another website I have seen that sells leftover tags as well. Even though its 1.5 yrs away...
  5. gtk

    Short history of the trail-camera

    My place of choice was Sams Club. I always knew i had a good buck on film when the lady would have a huge smile on her face when i walked up to get the pics. She wasn't a "hunter" but after a while, she enjoyed the pics as much as I did.
  6. gtk

    Short history of the trail-camera

    Agree, but i remember being as excited as a kid on christmas, everytime i dropped my film off at sams to be processed .. and often i'd be as disappointed as the kid who got socks, when the lady would hand me 24 pics of a cedar tree swaying in the wind or just "black" pics :D
  7. gtk

    Short history of the trail-camera

    There used to be an entire forum here dedicated to the "homebrew" community. After a LOT of work, it started fracturing off into other forums (jesse's hunting page, hagshouse, and some that i forget) . Its about that time that some individuals started building their own boards for use in the...
  8. gtk

    Short history of the trail-camera

    I believe the main reason Trailcameras are "affordable" now, is because of the "homebrew" community, which I believe, started (or blossomed) right here on TNDEER. When the "average joe" could go to walmart and buy a cheap sony camera, cheap motion sensor, and wire all this stuff together...
  9. gtk


    I think there is a way to txfer/cash out , into m y checking account from whence i originally purchased bitcoin. i will prob cash it out, but also wonder what would it look like in 3-4 yrs ? $200 isn't going to make/break me .
  10. gtk


    Ha.. i wish.. i bought some not too long ago, for 200, and now its worth close to 1k. cant do that in the bank thats for sure.
  11. gtk

    Panic buying again?

    I've been reading on it some and want to try. It's going to be harder to do in the south (humidity) but out here there is almost no moisture in the air, so it would dry very fast.
  12. gtk


    A few months ago, I accidentally bought some bitcoin twice. Turned out one bitcoin tx was rejected so I ended up with an extra $200 in bitcoin. I checked on the value at first, but sort of forgot about it. It wasn't really changing so i just left it. I saw a blurb on the news about bitcoin...
  13. gtk

    Panic buying again?

    Better figure out how to make biltong in case the power goes out to all the deer meat
  14. gtk

    My faith is....

    built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness Yeah, i know its "hope" , but faith works too ;)
  15. gtk


    I think you better keep all accounts going, so you can keep up with all different viewpoints. I originally created accounts so i could keep up with my kids and their friends and what they were posting/doing. I may be wrong, but deleting all your SocialMedia stuff is akin to the ostrich...
  16. gtk

    Can dogs really smell fear?

    My wife lives by this: If our dog don't like you, she probably wont like you :) I believe the dogs behavior feeds off the owners "vibes" too. Our German Shepard has a weird habit. If a stranger comes in the house, she goes ballistic, and stays between us and the guests, and never takes...
  17. gtk

    Need info on the Memphis area

    No Inspections anymore in MS. The cost of tags are not "that" bad. You should compare them to CO. The first tags are bad expensive because they charge you sales tax if you haven't already paid. The subsequent tags go down each year. Yeah, its still more exp than TN, but the break you...
  18. gtk

    Need info on the Memphis area

    #1 Lewisburg area #2 Hernando #3 Center Hill area. All these are close enough to Horn Lake. Stay away from Horn Lake area homes. Southaven still has "decent" areas, same with Olive Branch. OB is better on the outskirts of town. Be prepared for an EXTREMELY competitive housing market. It is...
  19. gtk

    War of Northern Aggression Rifle ?

    Some g-g-g kin of mine, Henry Greer, is supposedly the "inventor" of the "Mississippi Rifle" used mostly by confederates in the civil war. I could never prove this, it just shows up in family bibles/lore, and some internet searches.
  20. gtk

    Tennessee Number 1 again

    Hard to believe more CA folks are coming to TN , than here to CO. CA license plates everywhere. CA people will sell a home in CA for tons of money and come to CO and be able to buy a larger home for less than 1/2 of what they sold theirs for. THe "natives" here in CO are in an uproar...