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    Off season coyote ammo

    Is it legal to use FMJ ammo for coyotes with deer season closed?
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    Fitness goals for motivation

    I started taking my health and fitness more seriously a few years ago when I decided I wanted to do a back country elk hunt. The hunt motivated me to lose over 100 pounds and get into the best shape of my life. I finally did a trip to Idaho for archery elk in early September. I found upon...
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    ISO Single Muddy Pro climbing stick

    I am looking for a single Muddy Pro climbing stick. I have switched over to one stick climbing with my saddle setup this season. I love it, but I am really interested in moving over to a stick with the cam cleat. I can pay cash or am willing to trade Hawk Helium sticks (the 2019 model full...
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    Tipping on guided hunt

    I am going on my first elk hunt next month. I have hired an outfitter. We will be using horses to get back into camp and probably each day. I have no idea what to tip the guide, wrangler, cook, etc. For any that have been on guided hunts or guided, what is customary? I spent most of my young...
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    Anyone experienced with Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer Frame Sys

    I am planning my first elk hunt for this fall. It will also be my first western states hunt. I am planning to go to Idaho, which I understand to be very steep. My part of the country is FLAT. I exercise nearly every day for an hour or so per day, but I still feel like I need to be doing more to...
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    Black Ovis 250g Heavyweight Merino Hoodie $72

    Camofire has the Black Ovis 250g Heavyweight Merino Hoodie for $72. It is currently available in most if not all sizes. Small print says they run small and to order one size up. I have ordered one. We shall see!
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    Sold/Expired Looking for Climbing spikes

    I am in the market for a pair of climbing spikes. I would prefer pole gaffs, but I am open to what you have. I am in Shelby county and really looking for something close by. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    New turkey hunter. Needs advice on chokes

    I have a Mossberg 535 12 gauge. I am planning to try my hand at turkey hunting for the first time this spring. I am looking for suggestions on chokes for this gun. Is the full choke I already have good enough, or do I need to get something else? Thanks!
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    Deer heart recipe ideas

    My favorite part of the deer is the heart. I used to eat them the night of the kill. I usually just sear them after cutting them into slices. With the advent of CWD, I stick them in the freezer to await test results. All of my buddies know how much I enjoy them, so they give me theirs as well...
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    Doe kill problem

    The landowner for my largest farm wants us to take 20 more does this season. There are only 2 of us hunting 525 acres. We are limited to close friends and family to invite out. I already have 4 in the freezer and only need 1 more for my house. I can account for 3 more for my in laws. My hunting...
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    Age of this buck

    I saw this buck last Friday morning. I shared an estimate on his age with a friend. He thinks I was wrong. How old do you all think he is? Thanks!
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    Taxidermist in Fayette County?

    My best friend and I have picked up a farm in Fayette County this season with some huge bucks on it. Seems like it would be a good idea to get some ideas and do research before we get forced into a hasty decision. Anyone know of folks that do quality work in Fayette County? Thanks!
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    Transferring deer?

    My brother in law does not hunt, and would like for me to kill a couple of does for him. I am not sure he would use the same processor I do, since he knows everything... Is there a defined, legal process to give him a whole deer and walk away myself? He does not hunt or fish and is not a...
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    To hunt tomorrow or not???

    I hunt mostly in Fayette county. We have some serious cold and wind arriving as I type. I am wondering if I should get out to the farm tomorrow. I had big bucks on their feet between 6 and 8:30 AM yesterday. A north wind is nearly perfect for several of the stands and blinds that are set up and...
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    CWD Zone Earn a buck

    Just got an email from TWRA that with my second and third does checked and tested for the season I have got a third buck tag for the zone. Hard to imagine that I will take 2 bucks this year, much less a third...
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    No blood trail

    I had a good morning this past Saturday. I had my first double and almost limited out on does for the day in the CWD zone. Three shots fired from my new CVA Optima V2. I am shooting 100 grains of Hodgdon Triple 7 pellets with 250 gr. Powerbelt Aerolites. First deer came out at around 100 yards...
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    What can you do in 2 years?

    Here I was in January of 2017 with my first buck. Here's me this past Saturday with my first double. Down over 120 pounds through diet and exercise.
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    094 for the Young Sportsmen hunt?

    I called the main office and was told my 8 year old nephew would need the 094 to shoot does on private land. Is that accurate? Thanks!
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    Keeping others informed when hunting from height

    I am pretty scared of heights. It doesn't stop me from climbing up or saddle/treestand hunting, but the fear is there. When I started hunting off the ground last year, I started a system with my friends and family. I always make sure that someone that knows the property I am hunting is aware...
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    Fixed power scope

    I purchased a new CVA Optima V2 earlier this year. I love it, but the muzzle-loaders.com scope sucks. I have spent about all I can on hunting gear for this year, so I am holding off on upgrading the optics until next year. I have been giving it some thought and wonder if putting a 6x Leupold on...