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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    Hadn't heard anyone talk about Reelfoot so made me think not great...
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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    A guy at work set it up - I believe Camo Collective Outfitters.
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    Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunt

    Have a Reelfoot duck hunt coming up this week - Thursday and Friday. Any news on how its been or expected to be later this week? Thanks.
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    Good luck
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    missing boater on chickamauga

    Prayers for the family - hopefully they locate quickly.
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    Daddy-Daughter Hunt

    Awesome memories that will last your (and her) entire life. Congrats.
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    Prayed up deer

    Awesome - congrats.
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    Well dang, it’s gone.

    Very unfortunate for sure.
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    Prayers Still Needed - My Dad Passed

    Continued prayers
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    WTB CVA Wolf or Optima

    Looking for a CVA Wolf , Optima or something similar - thought I'd check what may be out there now that the season is over.
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    Last day juvenile buck

    Awesome job - congrats
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    From the Road

    Always amazes me how they show up AFTER the season like that...
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    One last hunt.

    I'm jealous... good luck.
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    Can dogs really smell fear?

    I think body language says more about a person, especially to a dog. I'd also say there are "general tendencies" for dog breeds but each dog is an individual.
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    After 20 years

    It is the little things in life...
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    Was it a coon hunt?

    I have seen almost more coons than deer during deer season this year - made me concerned about next year's turkey hatch.
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    Closure on a buck

    Closure is always better for sure.
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    Dern Deer!

    A few years back we had a buck do the same to a small apple tree in our front yard... on Christmas Eve. Needless to say my two girls were extra excited when they saw it and the hoof prints. Couldn't have planned that one myself if I tried.
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    Rifled slug in a rifled barrel.

    I've always been advised not to but never tried.