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    Hasenpfeffer (with squirrel)

    Looks real good
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    Inflatable pontoon boat opinions

    Have you seen a gheenoe? I fished out of one on the Caney fork with a friend of mine and it worked good . I’m not sure how much they are but may find a used one at a decent price.
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    crimson clover

    They are devouring some winter wheat I have planted right now.
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    If I was you I’d plant field corn instead of sweet corn . Coyotes usually will destroy a small sweet corn patch.
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    Inflatable pontoon boat opinions

    I fished out of one about twice and hated it. Friend of mine that owned it sold it after having it only a few weeks. I’ve fished a lot from kayaks and canoes and understand the issue with shoulder and back pain. I broke down and got a. Jackson Coosa and it was a game changer for me. It has multi...
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    I’ve got a good friend that lives in Maine and they are still plentiful. He always refers to them as pa’tridge.
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    what came first the chicken or the egg?

    I think those are tiny ruptured blood vessels.
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    I still see a few here in the East, Tn hills and hollers but not often. This spring I had a covey of quail on my place for the first time in 15 years. I’m anxious to see if they are back this year.
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    Prayers Still Needed - My Dad Passed

    Hate to hear this. Prayers for your family.
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    Parlor question

    Is it Parler or Parlor? I’m still able to find both on the apple App Store
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    Parlor question

    Just seen some video of a Dr. Eric Nepute going nuts over them shutting down all conservative social media sites.
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    Doc did his thing UP Date

    I had a crazy uncle that went for his the first time and when the Dr was about to do the thing my uncle said “hold up doc, if you don’t mind can you use two fingers?” Doc “ sir I don’t think so . Why would you make that request?” Uncle “ I always like to get a second opinion.” 😂
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    WTT ammo 7mm-08 and 25-06

    15 core-lokt, 14 fusion, and 11 winchester. 40 rounds total
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    WTT ammo 7mm-08 and 25-06

    Last try
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    opinions on muzzle brakes

    I had never had one but had a 300 win mag built and they put one on it and honestly it’s like shooting a .223. Only gun I own with one but for that application it is great. Don’t think I’d put one on any of my other rifles.
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    I’ve usually keep beagles but don’t have any right now. I know how hard it is to find a place. If any of you guys would like to run your dogs I’ve got a pretty good place . Hard to kill them but good place to run. Send me a PM if interested. I’m in East Tn
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    Beech Trees... hinge cut or kill?

    I kill them all . They have a huge canopy that take up tons of room and kills everything underneath.
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    Food Plot on Cattle Farm

    I know on my farm the deer usually avoid where our cows are. Usually the farmer will keep Ochoa cows in a specific place for the winter to feed hay. I would see if this is this case on this farm and sow the seed wherever they will not be next winter.
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    Christmas For A Family In Need Part 2

    Donation sent
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    Squirrels In The Rain

    Drizzly cloudy days tend to be the best days for squirrels.