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    hurt deer

    There is a doe on my road thats been hit by a car.Yesterday morning she would stand up then immediately lay down ,head up.Can I kill it and would the meat still be good since its been suffering for 24 or more hours?Her head is up this morning.
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    grunt calls

    Whats the best grunt call? I dont bow hunt much I just want to stop him.
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    Is a 2 acre plot of it worth it? Its currently a clover plot and was considering converting it to alflfa.I have tons and I mean tons of clover on my farm.
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    Im interested in reloading

    Id like to purchase reloading equipment. Im looking for great quality stuff,Any suggestions on what to buy? Ive been a bench jeweler for 30 years and ready to try my hand at it.Also,whats the best supplier for reloading equipment?Best brand?
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    03A3 Remington

    I have an 03A3 remington for sale,30/06 Sporterized model.No scope,great condition and great rifle , I just bought another rifle and need to move on.$200 the gun has two screws broken off where the scope mounts.I havent attempted to remove them but I could cut a small slot in the screw and...
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    deer cooler

    OK,I finally finished my walkin cooler. Quick question,what is a good temperature to store a deer for a week or ten days? I mainly built the cooler to store my drawn comb for my bees but might just throw a doe or two in there.
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    Tell me the truth

    Tell me the truth,can you make any difference at all by supplying minerals to deer on a farm year round for increased antler development? I have friends that believe its so. I need so,e facts,my farm is in Macon county.
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    can I shoot it

    Deer are eating my wifes flowers and various plants.Can I shoot them?What can I do but kill a couple of them?
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    duck dressing

    does anyone know how to make a good duck dressing?
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    walk in cooler

    Im building a walkin cooler using an air conditioner and coolbot. ,Im looing for a walkin cooler door,anyone know of a place?
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    If I broadcast wheat Sunday and it rains some will it come up in the next three weeks,even with no fertilizer??
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    I planted a corn crop and beans in the middle 2 weeks after I sprayed.When I got ready to plant,I noticed quite a bit of marestail,how can I kill it without the residual killing my other plants I have planted,I just planted this on Monday so Im certain its not up yet.This rain coming is a godsend.
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    Sold/Expired leopold for sale

    Ok I have a great scope,I just dont need it. Leupold vx-2 2 x 7 x 33 first $100 takes it Ill ship for $25 Text 615 945 3343
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    shotgunning yotes

    OK,so Ive see many who use a rifle as well as a shotgun for coyotes,When u add a shotgun,what is the scenario? running,real close? What chokes and type of shells?
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    Coyote depradation permit

    OK,so I was talking with a fellow today and he mentioned that a person with a farm could get a coyote depredation permit to hunt coyotes at night.Is this true and where can I get such a permit.?
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    Sold/Expired 742 woodsmaster

    I have a beautiful 742 woodsmaster in wood 308 caliber first $275 gets it pics 615 945 3343
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    Sold/Expired left handed pse

    PSE left handed pro series X force.Bow has whisker biskit,detachabble quiver,toxonics sight,This bow shoots lights out.$250 for pics 615 945 3343Great for someone needing a strong bow but left handed.
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    Sold/Expired 3pt rake

    I have a 3 point hitch rake for sale,Its missing 2 teeth but it still does a great job,I think its 5',it u want a picture 615 945 3343 send text $150 first gets it,its in Westmoreland
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    What would bring a buck

    Ok,so on my farm of 275 acres I have 70 acres of rotation fields.I personally raise 4 acres of corn for deer and usually a green field or two of turnips and oats cause my bees love the spring flowers.Anyway,I was wanting to pull rutting bucks away from my 40 acre sanctuary that is in the very...
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    deer and wind

    So,tomorrow is supposed to be pretty windy. What are yalls opinions about deer movement and wind?Do they more more,same or less?Im just looking for a rutting buck in particular and was wondering ,as a rule,if very windy was better in fields or woods or does it matter? Thanks