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  1. jlanecr500

    Rifle powder and Muzzleloader bullets UPDATED

    All Knoxville area pickup only. No shipping. The following powders are $25 per pound IMR4831 2 pounds H4895 1 pound The powders listed below are $20 per pound or $1.25 per ounce. Reloder 10x 3 pounds H380 13 ounces Clays 14 ounces Win 748 13 ounces Superformance 1 pound...
  2. jlanecr500

    SOLD CVA Hunter 35 Whelen SOLD

    CVA Hunter 35 Whelen. Can meet in Knoxville area and occasionally as far west as Cookeville $200 Donation sent 2FC21611WH690170X
  3. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Few guns for sale

    All are priced to sell. Knoxville area Savage 112 30-06 with clip. Rifle only $350 Rifle w/ Redfield Revolution 3-9×50 $475 Savage 114 switchbarrel gun. Pillar bedded. Barrels included are a 458 Win Mag and a Criterion match grade 300 Win Mag. Comes with brass and loaded rounds for each...
  4. jlanecr500

    My new to me 2x2 hunting machine.

    I've had lyme disease for 6 years now and every year, hunting gets harder. Especially hiking these East TN mountains. My RZR and 4 wheeler only get me so far, then it is time to hoof it. Anyway, being a life long dirtbike, I've always wanted a Rokon. Even more so now. So I sold my RZR and bought...
  5. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Sold donation sent

    Sold donation donation sent
  6. jlanecr500


    I have a like-new 2018 CRF50 that I purchased for my Grandson who is not interested in riding it. The bike has hardly been ridden and comes with a new set of training wheels, title, and all paperwork from the dealer. Automatic clutch with 3 speeds via shifter. Throttle limiter. The price is firm...
  7. jlanecr500

    Today's wonderful thankful immigrants

    Check out our latest addition to the house of representatives calling our president (whether you like him or not) an mfer on public TV. I suppose the new norm is using words like that in front of our children. The trash that elected her should be sent back over there with her to pound sand like...
  8. jlanecr500

    Today's wonderful thankful immigrants

    Check out our latest addition to the house of representatives calling our president an mfer. The trash that elected her should be sent back over there with her to pound sand like the rest. And they wander why we dont like them coming over here. POS
  9. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Kids 4 wheeler

    I bought my grandson an Eton 70cc 2 stroke. ETON dont build 2 strokes any more. These are high quality machines. I was amazed as I've ridden dirtbikes over 30 years. It is Korean built and IS NOT chinese junk. This one has a rev limiter that is adjustable with a switch on the ignition module. On...
  10. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Looking for a Mountain Cur female pup

    Looking for a Mountain Cur female pup to squirrel hunt with and be a part of our family. I see a few on CL but would rather get a referral from someone in our TNDeer community.
  11. jlanecr500

    Talk about a dirty job

    Officials with the Charleston Water System in South Carolina were caught in a smelly situation last week. They had to send scuba divers roughly 80 to 90 feet down into “raw sewage” Thursday to clear heaping piles of wipes that clogged the system. https://www.foxnews.com/science/south-c ...
  12. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Golds Gym Crosswalk 570 Treadmill

    I purchased this treadmill NEW for my wife who NEVER used it. Paid $600 for it new. No haggle price $150 Must pick up in Clinton TN about 15 miles North West of Knoxville. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Gold-s-Gym-C ... 0/11069693
  13. jlanecr500

    Free climbing harnesses

    I'm listing these here because I GENERALly would like to save someone's bacon. Free TYD. I have : 4 harnesses that come with stands but they do not have a tree strap. One can be made from rope or purchased. 4 harnesses that come with stands and include a tree strap.
  14. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired 40 Cal Smokeless Muzzleloader Sold

    For sale is a 40 cal Smokeless muzzleloader built on a Savage Axis action that has been trued. The barrel is a McGowen 23" DMB1 contour. The stock is a Boyd's laminate that is custom pillar bedded. The gun is set up for Large Rifle Magnum Primers (LRMP) ignition which comes with a plug and...
  15. jlanecr500

    First build this year

    I've been sitting on 2 40Cal Rock Creek 15 twist barrels all summer. I got a wild hair and made it a 22" bbl on a Savage Target Action in an HS Precision stock for simplicity. At the present it has a Vortex Viper 4-16x44 HSLR scope. It sports LRMP ignition system using Aluminum Nickel Bronze...
  16. jlanecr500

    What a deal for out-of-staters

    One of the leases I've been on for a while has been taken over by yankee hog hunters. The greedy landowner charged them an astronomical amount of money and they passed it on to the members. The new lease holders are making it a hog hunting lease. No traps , trapping, or dogging is allowed...
  17. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Ruger No 1 300 WM Updated SOLD

    Downsizing AGAIN... Ruger No 1 300 WM for sale. I have some handloads to go with it. $500 Knoxville area. Occasionally in the Cookeville area. Paypal donation sent conf # 05F604594J0482403 https://postimg.org/image/szpop4iqb/][/url] https://postimg.org/image/gxuauz1s3/][/url]...
  18. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Savage 12FV 6.5 Creedmoor updated SOLD

    Downsizing AGAIN...For Sale: New Savage 6.5 Creedmoor. $350 bare gun. $450 with 80 pcs once fired Hornady brass that I bought from a fellow shooter, bullets, and Lee dies. It currently has a Redfield Revolution 4-12x40 mounted. Add $200 for scope, base, and rings. Knoxville area. In the...
  19. jlanecr500

    Sold/Expired Inversion Table SOLD

    New Inversion table used 1 time. It is a nice one but my Spinal Stenosis will not allow me to use it. $125. Knoxville area. I'm in the Cookeville area occasionally. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000V ... UTF8&psc=1
  20. jlanecr500

    Deal Alert

    Midway USA has the Muddy Magnum Pro safety harness on clearance. I really like the one I've had the past couple years. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/80602 ... ylon-black