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    Man's Best Friend

    That is an awesome pic!
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    Meme fun

    This reminds me of the saying “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”
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    Never met many of yall

    Prayers sent!
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    Had to say goodbye to my best friend

    Sorry for the loss! A Golden was my best friend and I lost him two years ago, definitely one of the hardest things I had to do but it was time for him. Thethis made me start crying remembering him. Dogs are special
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    Wife had a wreck.

    Glad all are okay and hopefully it isn't too bad in the days to come. Will be praying for them.
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    Pray for mom

    Will continue to pray DA
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    Ugly win, but thats better than

    Unfortunately it seems like that is what the game of basketball is now days, live and die by the three.
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    Snow report?

    Probably 2 inches at least in Paris just from looking outside. They might shut us down early but who knows.
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    the little things in life

    That is Awesome!
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    Duck Gun

    What is your go to duck gun? I have been using a Winchester SX4 3" and 26" barrel. I was just wondering what everyone else uses.
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    Meme fun

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    Beretta A300 Outlander

    I know you cannot on the new Ultima. I assume it’s the same on the outlander but don’t know that for sure.
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    Got my goose !

    That looks really good!
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    Tagged Out: Serious Mass

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    Savage axis XP?

    My brother has one in 7mm-08. It is a very good gun for the price and has taken quite a few deer.
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    Meme fun

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    Meme fun

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    Just got the news....


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