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    Sec. Of Health question.....

    What do the grandkids call it "TranPaw" or "TranMaw" ???
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    Sold/Expired WTT ammo .223 for 300 blkout

    Looking to trade .223 for 300 blackout. If anyone interested
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    8pt mount

    Got my 8pt from ML back today. Got to give shout out to Bryan at Bryan's Trophy Game Taxidermy. Great job, quick turn around and great price.
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    Sold/Expired Youth rubber boots.

    Bogs size 6 youth. Rated at -30°. Camo $25.
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    Sold/Expired Womens Under Armour Camo

    Womens Under Armour Storm Large. Wore twice. Jacket and Pants insulated. Throw in a Fieldline Pro-series backpack. $80
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    Sold/Expired Youth 20g Camo. SOLD

    CAMO New England Pardner SB1 20 ga. 3" full. Single shot Youth Turkey $150.
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    Sold/Expired Bow stuff.

    Have several items that need a new home.Carter NV back tension release. $100.Hunter safely system 2xl/3xl $25$20 for all other arrow rest and etc items pictured.
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    Sold/Expired Turkey Vest

    Have 2 turkey vest for anyone who is new to turkey hunting.
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    Sold/Expired Youth Camo

    BOOTS /Shoes Slip on Size 3. Hikers size 4 Size 2 Bogs Size 4 Mucks Size 5 ItascaCamo sizes S/M (6-10) 3-long sleeve Ts 3- pullovers 3-uninsulated bibs 3- pants 1 insulated 1- Heavy insulated bibs 1- Heavy insulated 2-in-1 jacket...
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    Sold/Expired Colt magazines

    New Colt AR15/M16/M4 30rd USGI Aluminum Magazine with green non-tilt followers. $12 each but will discount for bulk orders. Also would interested in trades on ammo and etc. PM if interested
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    Good hunt..Good buck

    I have only had 2 opportunities to hunt thus far this season. Last sit I was 2nd weeekend of bow and I waed to kill a doe. My 2nd sit of season was this morning. As daylight broke it wasn't long until the deer movement started. Shortly after daylight I had a mature doe at 120 yds. So I let the...
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    Deer... It's What's for Dinner

    Been a few years with the Mathews.
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    Sold/Expired ISO 300 Blackout ammo.

    If anyone could spare a box or 2 please let me know. I buy or trade.
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    Son has success!

    My 13 year old son has been hunting hard this season. We go every opportunity we can. He had a few good days on his Thanksgiving break his .243 getting a work out lately. So proud of him. He killed a button buck friday and the a double this morning.
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    Who else tree twerking??

    The wind got this stand a rocking in Grundy co. Anyone else enjoying the same?
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    Decent 8

    He was out and about. Not had opportunity to be in the woods much but well worth it.
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    Sold/Expired Diamond Bow

    Diamond Shadow Solo Cam Bow $35.00 70/29 RH Bought to use a Bow fishing rig Text 931-212-8456
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    Sold/Expired Mathews Ready to Hunt

    READY TO HUNT! $450.00 Mathews Reezen 6.5, RH, 70/28.5, LOST CAMO New string and peep, kisser button, loop QAD Ultra rest, Kwikee Kwiver, 3-pin sight, 6-New Gold Tip Arrows, Stabilizer, Wrist strap. Text 931-212-8456
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    How rare are the black ones??

    Never seen a solid black coyote in person but pulled the camera and there he is. Several friends say a black coyote is a trophy in the predator world.
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    300 Mag opinions needed

    Im planning on a bigger game hunt in next year or so, Elk, mule deer and etc. Leaning toward a 300 mag, so to those who are more knowledgeable in this area what your Suggestions? 300 win mag, ultra mag, short mag, weatherby, Rum and etc. So all input is greatly appreciated.