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    Yellowstone vacation

    Was talking with the family and think we are going to plan a vacation to Yellowstone. Trying to find a rustic style cabin without tv or Internet. Just a cabin with bunks in it to sleep 6-10. Anybody know of a campground or something similar to point us the right direction.
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    Best new/used car?

    After reading yalls comments on the cvt transmission I did a little more research. It appears the pre 2104 models had lots of problems on long drives and steep inclines. Still undecided weather the 2014 and newer are better or just haven't had enough miles put on them for problems to arise. We...
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    Wild hog hunt?

    The company I work for has invited me to go on a hog hunt at some outfitter near crossville. I believe it's called Caryonah. That is about as much as I know. Anybody here know anything about this place and what to expect.
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    Best new/used car?

    We have been looking at the Nissan Rogue anyone had one or drove one?
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    Best new/used car?

    The old lady hit a deer last Thursday and they are going to total her car. So we are in the market for a new/used car. Would like to find something in the 30mpg,$10-15,000 range depending on year. Any make or model to steer clear of or look for?
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    Well my automatic transmission in my 94 dodge 3500 has developed a shutter when in overdrive running low rpm's. I have kicked around the idea of trying to convert it over to the manual transmission. But every one I have seen looked shotty. Called a couple transmission shops and they say it...
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    Thinking of getting in to team roping.

    Thinking of getting into team roping. Has anybody here ever done it.
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    Cool drone video wheat threshing

    I'm guessing that's Baggett's?
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    What's it worth?

    Grandpa driven, non smoker, stock (no mods), auto transmission, clear coat pealing otherwise mint condition.
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    What's it worth?

    Mid 90's dodge 3500 dually 2wld 12 valve Cummings 150,000 miles.
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    Makes me want to vomit

    I know. Our government should be trying to help these people not giving them a tool to get more drugs.
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    3yr olds

    Heck I was sure he was going to be she. So I could say it was just woman thing.
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    Your recommendation on diesel trucks?

    I am beginning the process of looking for another truck. I'm 90% I want a diesel and 75% I want a dually. I will be doing quite a bit of over the Rd hauling goosenecks. Not really looking for a new truck. Right now looking at mid 90's to early 2000's dodges and fords with the 7.3. And maybe a...
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    Your recommendation on diesel trucks.

    I think I am beginning the long process of looking for a new truck. I am 90% sure I want a diesel and 75% a dually. I am able to drive my company truck home so I put very few miles on a truck. But I will be pulling a horse/stock trailer several hundred miles from time to time. I plan on doing...
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    How do you decide when to trade trucks?

    I am able to drive my company truck back and forth to work. So I put very few miles on a truck a year. I just spent $600 hundred on heater core( had someone else do), brake pads, and front shocks. Thought the brake pads were the reason for a spongy brake pedal but didn't see any change. It needs...
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    How do you decide when to trade trucks?

    My truck seems to have hit the point when everything is going wrong and needing replacement. If I was to fix it all it would cost all most as much as the truck is worth. I hate to trade because you never know what your going to get if you buy used and my truck is paid for and with just buying a...
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    Tilt trailer issue, any fixes

    Could be all of the above. How hard of a angle is the trailer when being pulled? Have you tried pulling it with a different vehicle that has a different hitch height?
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    If it is farm ground you are trying to sell. I'd try to just go to local diner and put up a flyer before you envolve a realtor. If you are looking get a good realtor.
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    Prayers please!

    Found out yesterday that my grandmother has cancer in multiple places. She has always been the glue that holds our family together and though they are going to do some more test the doctors said it doesn't look good. Listening to my dad cry this morning on the phone was deffently one of the...
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    Admittedly I'm not up on horse vaccines. And it seems there is a vaccine for everything. I know you have to have the coggins test and a rabies shot. What else are y'all giving your horses?