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    Grouse hunting

    What areas do you hunt? I don't see good habitat in the areas I used to hunt and still deer hunt in those same areas. I agree it is a deep issue that will not ever be solved, at least on our national forest.
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    Submit To TWRA!

    Does anyone believe they are going to listen to us hunters. They don't even listen to their officers that are out in the field. I use to send in suggestions but it is like p-----g in the wind.
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    Incredible/Bittersweet find w/ pictures

    This is amazing. Horrible way for two mature bucks to go.
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    Benelli M2 20 ga barrel length

    You will like the 24. Wise choice.
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    Never been an expert at anything but I sure have enjoyed my time in the woods. As said an expert is anyone 50 miles from home.
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    Grouse hunting

    Exactly. And I don't think that's ever going to happen.
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    10 year gets first buck

    Congrats to the both of you. Hope this is just the beginning for him.
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    Grand Son Got It Done

    Congrats. Nice.
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    Son's Snow Buck

    Congrats to the young man and to you for getting him started hunting.
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    First year turkey hunting

    You'll be happy or frustrated after every hunt. Turkeys will cause you to lose sleep. You'll learn something on each hunt. Remember a turkey can hear you think and see you change your mind. Boy it's exciting though. I use a Remington 870 with 3 inch Longbeards and a Longbeard choke. The...
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    Taking down ladder stands.

    I mostly use chains on mine but do have some with rachet straps. Really like the idea of cutting the old straps with limb saw.
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    Buck Scrape research

    Very interesting information. Good work.
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    Write a book?

    Sounds interesting. Like to hear it from a real hunter, not an outdoor channel "professional"
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    Last minute 9

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    Dads gun

    Looks like an excellent setup. Wouldn't change a thing. Your dad must have known what he was doing.
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    A Season of Ups and Downs

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    South MS buck.

    Really nice buck. Congrats.
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    Harvest Numbers Down

    I'm sure you could add quite a bit to the number for deer not being checked out. I think it is happening a lot a lot more than we think.
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    Hunt'n Gear

    I used to laugh at some of the hunting shows with one of the sponsors being Scent Lok. Advertise forget the wind, just hunt. Then during the program the hunters would say can't hunt that stand today. The wind is wrong.