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  1. Jmoore

    Standing Soybeans

    Last year beside my house deer absolutely destroyed standing soybeans and what was left after picking. Them jokers picked that field over all the way up to February! What really sucked was they stayed there rather than my food plot.
  2. Jmoore

    Looking for opinions on season date changes

    I'd be gud with the 1 buck limit but that's it.
  3. Jmoore

    Deer in rain

    I've seen 2 good bucks this morning 1 of which was a shooter but he was in some thick stuff and didn't see him long. Also had 2 does come through bout 20mins ago. So yes they were moving here in the rain.
  4. Jmoore

    Bull of the woods.

    Killed this 2yr ago on opening morning of muzzleloader and it was the 1st time I got to hunt my new farm. I'd say this was a mainly woodland buck but there was a few crop fields around. Buck field dressed 185lbs. and TWRA scored it 168⅞ gross not bad for West Tn. He had matching kickers on each...
  5. Jmoore

    Opening day is here!

    Ain't seen the 1st deer and kinda slow. Not many shots heard and that's odd. This morning is just like yesterday morning nuthin to it! Yesterday afternoon was much better saw 7 and killed a yote. So I'm hoping this afternoon will be much better.
  6. Jmoore

    Bleat Cans.....

    Well after 25yrs of hunting I have only turned a 9pt around that was by himself. I decided to try it on a spike the other day that was 70 yards out and he never looked up. I guess my mixed feelings is that if deer are not relatively close they won't work and if they are that close there's no...
  7. Jmoore

    Bleat Cans.....

    I'd like to get everybody's opinion on bleat cans if they actually work or not. I have mixed feelings on them.
  8. Jmoore

    Juvenile Weekend

    Got him! Biggest to date!
  9. Jmoore

    Juvenile Weekend

    Shots fired!
  10. Jmoore

    Juvenile Weekend

    We back too and weather is much better. 🙏🤞
  11. Jmoore

    Juvenile Weekend

    4 does and a spike here early. Hoping this misty rain will be outta here for this afternoon.
  12. Jmoore

    Juvenile Weekend

    Just got done telling my wife a few minutes ago I won't sleep tonight! 😂
  13. Jmoore

    Juvenile Weekend

    I hope everyone that is headed out this weekend has a blessed and safe trip! My daughter and I will be there! Many memories will be made this weekend and time spent with hopefully future hunters. So please share your pics of those successful hunters.
  14. Jmoore

    1st Hunt this season

    Purdy gud 1st hunt! Watched this mature 6 chase 5 does around. Had him at 40yrd but couldn't get off a shot with all the chaos. I believe rut will be early this year at least in my area.
  15. Jmoore

    Best ATV on the market: Opinions Please

    Plus Polaris is the most American made ATV out there!
  16. Jmoore

    Best ATV on the market: Opinions Please

    08 Polaris Sportsman 500 bought it brand new and haven't had an any problems! Love it!
  17. Jmoore

    2019-2020 mounts

    West TN 168⅞ gross!

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