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    WTB Pro bore chokes

    Message sent!
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    WTB Pro bore chokes

    Anyone have waterfowl/extended chokes laying around for a versa max ? Takes the pro bore style threadsI’m in Pulaski/Columbia but will pay for shipping
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    For Sale Black lab pup

    Dang tempted
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    Sold/Expired Remington 1100LT 20

    Message sent
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    For Sale wtb jon boat

    I have a 14/48.. shoot me a message
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    M2 vs versa max ?

    Thanks for replies.. I have both in hand and I like the feel/line up of vm better - probably gonna trade friend for it.. havent shot his yet but it just feels betterCondition is about same- neither have been shot much at all
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    M2 vs versa max ?

    Value seems close .. I have M2 and buddy has versa max .. I’m thinking about trading it since I just don’t feel right with M2 and VM seems to line up Better .. I know it’s apples and oranges with inertia and gas .. thoughts???
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    Ammo ID

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    WTB Need Electric Range/Oven ASAP

    Your awesome.. hope you find something!
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    After hunt survey?

    Anyone have link? I don’t see it
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    Steel shot ammo

    Hunting partners and I looking for some steel ammo- 12g preferably but will look at 20g tooShoot me a message or text … I’m in Columbia but will be heading west in couple weeks 9317032761Thanks!
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    Slot decoy bags

    I’d love to have a couple of the 12 slot Bags! I can pay pal/Venmo you or get cbhunter to spot me 🤣
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    Sold/Expired Half-Price SALE--Carolina Skiff

    Just saw this.. did it sell ?!
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    All you big time coyote hunters

    I told u I would go back .. and still will lol
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    All you big time coyote hunters

    Sure did
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    Slot decoy bags

    They hold 6 or 12? Where you located
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    Slot decoy bags

    How much for your full body bags ? Ruger won’t mind 🤣- I just have a dozen
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    12 ga duck shells

    I bought Winchester on cabelas last week
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    Mud motor?

    I figured that lol.. any idea on value?
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    Got me stickers!

    Not me!