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    Looking for 2022 Lease (Reply here what you are looking for)

    looking for long term lease in Franklin or Coffee county or surrounding counties for Me my son 2 nephews and dad total of 5. had rather lease than join a club but open to possibility of the right club.
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    What rifle will y’all be using for juvenile?

    ruger ranch in .350 legend 150 grain deer season by Winchester.
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    Sold/Expired Garmin Astro and 5 tt15 minis

    i have a garmin astro and 5 tt15 mini collars for sale three of the collars are less than a year old the other 2 and the system are 3yr old all are in great shape and work like new all chargers and carrying case included. located in southeast tn 37307 please text during the day as i am at work...
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    Jump dog

    Looking for a good jump dogs upper medium speed no trash issues. Also looking for some running buddy in southeast TN let me know what you got. Thanks
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    I have the cheatham hunt this weekend can my 9 yr old accompany me on this hunt if he don’t carry a gun.i also have the late aedc hunt and have the same question about it Thanks
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    Sold/Expired beagles for sale

    I have three beagles for sale one is 8yr old one is 4yr old one is 1yr old all run and pack well. im selling out theses are not culls all akc registered with a lot of Branko blood. 500 for all three can text pictures and pedigrees 423-650-1000 located in polk county tn will trade to firearms...
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    Sold/Expired garmin astro 320 6 dc 40 and trtronic G3 6 dog

    open for gun trades or anything will be considered that don't eat
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    Sold/Expired garmin astro 320 6 dc 40 and trtronic G3 6 dog

    astro 320 with 6 dc 40 collars and charging cradles all in good working condition $900 tri-tronic classic 70 G3 I think it is the last size they made. all work as they should with all charging cradles some of the charging cradles have to be played with some to get to come on but they all work...
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    Sold/Expired 2016 lease needed for small group

    looking for a small piece of land to lease for 4 people 2 dads and their sons. Looking in unit L counties but willing to look at any land 300 acres or less would probably be all we could afford. Thanks you can pm me text or call 423-650-1000
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    Sold/Expired Akc beagle pup ready now

    had both gone but man couldn't get money for the last one. I have one female left can text picture AKC papers in hand ready to go will have their last shot Sunday 150 bottom dollar
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    AEDC unit 1and 2

    thanks for help I have permit for both areras
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    Sold/Expired Akc beagle pup ready now

    KNIGHT250 I sent you a couple of pictures. They are still available Thanks
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    AEDC unit 1and 2

    can you scout theses areas before the hunts? I read that small game is opened in unit 2 same as state wide but didn't really say anything about unit 1. thanks in adavance
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    Sold/Expired Akc beagle pup ready now

    2 blue tick females beagles out of little pack field champion dam is Branko and speedy sport up close 200 ea or 350 for pair will be fast on track call or text 423-650-1000 Have pictures I can text if interested akc papers in hand
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    Quota hunts!!

    Hiwassee refuge muzzleloader for me never been before maybe someone can tell me a good spot
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    Sold/Expired Looking for a dog tracking system

    I have old Alinco tracking box with a yagi antenna and two new innoteck changeable battery collars a couple wildlife sealed battery batam collars and a wildlife strike changeable battery and two more sealed battery collars that are dead all was working when I switched two garmin except two dead...
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    unit b permits

    not worried about missing out or greed just don't like people thinking I can't regulate myself. Could have legally killed 5 more deer easily but like I said I don't take more than I need. People like you hunting horns give hunters a bad name I hunt for food and prob have more trophy class bucks...
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    unit b permits

    just to answer a few I killed 2 bucks last year and 2 does 4 is about all I need to feed my family so I usually don't take more than I need. next It cost me the price of my license and 4 shells to have four deer in the freezer. next the state don't owe or give me anything I pay to hunt deer and...
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    unit b permits

    no matter how they try to sugar coat it I still lost meat that cant go on my table and still paying the same price as last year and even more in 2016. This is like global warming if the masses keep saying over and over its got to be true. This will have zero effect on our deer herd positive or...