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  1. PossumSlayer

    Smith & Wesson Volunteer series?

  2. PossumSlayer

    Which one of you Glock fans is getting

    The Franklin armory binary trigger?!?
  3. PossumSlayer

    Saw a new license plate yesterday

  4. PossumSlayer

    Sold/Expired Red lobster fans

    I’ve got a 25$ gift card for red lobster that I’ll likely never use…. First address in my pm box gets it! Or y’all can wrestle for it😂
  5. PossumSlayer

    Check out this yote killed just across the Tennessee state line..

    Rose hill area in Virginia
  6. PossumSlayer

    Bear hollow question

    When did it become a wma and when was it last logged? TIA
  7. PossumSlayer

    Gonna see if I can get a big bobcat

    Last turkey season I had an encounter with a bobcat that had a head the size of a small cantaloupe. And any yote that comes by. With light rain Wednesday I wonder if it will be hard to lure in a predator?
  8. PossumSlayer

    Merry Christmas TNDeer folks!

    God Bless Y’all!
  9. PossumSlayer

    Tennessee vs Arizona (bet they don’t tuck tail n run)

    Tennessee needs this W! Go Vols
  10. PossumSlayer

    I’m calling bs

    Can that be real???
  11. PossumSlayer

    Today and tomorrow 😁

    Bone in rib-eye for this evening….
  12. PossumSlayer

    Sean got it again, vaccinated.
  13. PossumSlayer

    More often than not radio stations get worse over time.

    Our local station WYTM improved immensely with a new owner.... classic country now and kept the bluegrass Saturday morning show. It used to be a mixed barf bag of everything.
  14. PossumSlayer

    Another wind scent question.

    Today I couldn’t go exactly where I wanted to go because of the wind. I sat farther north which put me with the highway about 300 yards behind me. The wind did what it typically does there and blew from every direction but north and east. I got to thinking since I’m so close to the road with all...
  15. PossumSlayer

    Defending Your Life

    Never even heard of it. Nasty sinus headache free channels on direct. Intriguing and hilarious movie.
  16. PossumSlayer

    Pretty cool! Hooker stat
  17. PossumSlayer

    I’ve decided to quit wearing pants.

    Ordered two more pair of key overalls..... nothing is more comfortable than going commando in overalls .
  18. PossumSlayer

    Am I being a Richard for suggesting/demanding this?😁 best friend/brother is retiring and selling his home in Denver. He decided f communism and is escaping to Wyoming. He’s a excellent welder and mechanic but not a hunter. I’ve told him buy enough land for me to...

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