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  1. UTGrad

    Do Deer Eat These?

    I thought I read somewhere deer like to browse on these, especially in winter. Are they locust tree bean pods or something else?
  2. UTGrad

    Nice Buck Taken on My 14th Anniversary on TNDeer

    I killed my first deer the morning of December 1st 2007. That evening I got on my Dell desktop computer and created a TNDeer account and used Photobucket to upload pics of the deer. Ahh the good ole days.This morning I scored on a nice 8 pt on the 14 year anniversary of my first deer and...
  3. UTGrad

    Warm Weather Hunting

    Anyone else hunting in the warm weather this week? I will definitely hunt the mornings but this is my hunting vacation week so I don’t want to miss out on the afternoons.
  4. UTGrad

    Realtree EZ Hanger as Gun Rest?

    I’ve got a 3 section Realtree EZ bow hanger that I want to try as a gun rest in a hang on stand. I’ve read if you put it about chest height, it can swing out and work as a rest for shots out front and to the left.Anyone try one as a gun rest?
  5. UTGrad

    The .243? Hunting and Reloading

    My son wants a rifle for Christmas and I am considering a .243.Is the .243 a good deer killer? Also is it a good reloader cartridge? I might get a .243 and the die, powder and bullets.What about ammo availability?
  6. UTGrad

    Marshall County 9 Pt.

    150 yards 300 grain Powerbelt Aerolite 100 grains BH209. CVA Accura MR Pass through with rapid expansion zipped threw heart and blew out liver.He went about 20 yards. He didn’t stink and he was with a younger buck.
  7. UTGrad

    Weighing Blackhorn 209 Charge

    I decided to weigh the 100 grain by volume charge of Blackhorn 209 I’ve been shooting. It consistently weighed between 72-73.5 grains. 100 grains by volume of BH209 according to Western Powders should weigh 70 grains. I adjusted my TC powder measure to 95 grains and it weighed in around 69-70...
  8. UTGrad

    Best Week of TN Archery Season

    I’ve given this some thought this week. Archery season is pretty long in Tennessee and I have come to the conclusion this week is the best week of the archery season. I sat on stand yesterday afternoon and saw plenty of action, the leaves were multiple colors, it was cold with a steady north...
  9. UTGrad

    Hunt with Laptop From a Climber??

    You sales guys that are hunters ever done it before? I hunt with my laptop out of my shooting houses all the time. Even take calls and close business. What about a laptop from a Summit Viper for those urgent emails lol.Got to get in the woods!
  10. UTGrad

    I’m Ready for the Fields

    My 7mm STW is on at 600 and 750. Bring on the cornfields! I got the firepower. The Sendero wants to eat.
  11. UTGrad

    Reloading: Barnes 130 grain TTSX

    I loaded some 130 grain Barnes TTSX over some Ramshot TAC for my boys .308.For fun I loaded up some of the 130 grain TTSX in .30 06 over Accurate 4064. I am going to test this week but load data shows potential for 3200 FPS.I’ve heard folks say the 130 grain Barnes in .30 06 kills deer...
  12. UTGrad

    Wind Speed and Deer Activity

    Someone mentioned the wind this weekend and it got me thinking about my experiences deer hunting with wind or no wind. I prefer to have some wind moving in a steady direction on a hunt vs calm conditions or gusty winds. Ive sat in stand in the morning where there is no wind and deer sightings...
  13. UTGrad

    Opening Weekend Weather

    Forecast is starting to look like one of the best opening weekends in recent memory. Low 50s in the morning and mid 70s in the afternoon with dry air, low humidity. Let’s get after them
  14. UTGrad

    Squirrel Hunting Yanahli

    I’ve got places to deer hunt but want to take the boys squirrel hunting tomorrow. How’s the squirrel hunting at Yanahli? Found a couple places off Lewisburg Pike not far from 65 on the map that might be good for a walk about.
  15. UTGrad

    Good Ole Summit Viper

    I got bit by the mobile hunting bug a few years back and hunted a bunch with a LW Assault and sticks. It certainly has its advantages in places. I was so committed to my stand and sticks, I got to where I was setting up in places where a perfectly climbable tree with a climber was right next to...
  16. UTGrad

    27 Birds

    Great hunt and my boys shot most of them. They are now hooked on hunting. We are going squirrel hunting next weekend and also working on marksmanship with the .308 for the October youth deer hunt.
  17. UTGrad

    Boys Had a Great Time

    Both boys completed their Hunter Safety right before squirrel season and got them on a good dove shoot this morning. Youth hunt and they got 12 birds…took 6 boxes lol. I highly recommend removing those rock hard factory recoil pads and replacing them with Limbsaver Air Recoil pads. They could...
  18. UTGrad

    Sold/Expired 500 rounds. 40 Cal Pistol 165 gn

    I’ve got close to 500 rounds of .40 cal pistol 165 gn FMJ I will sell locally no shipping$300
  19. UTGrad

    6.5 Part Deux

    Tagged out today on a nice buck with another quick heart shot dispatch at 150 yards. He didn’t go 10 yards. Another great performance from the Hornady Precision. Hunter 143 grain ELD-X. Recoil was light enough with the 6.5 Creedmoor Tikka I watched the hit through the scope. I’ve become a fan of...
  20. UTGrad

    6.5 Creedmoor Kill

    I ignored the 6.5 Creedmoor buzz until this past summer when I started looking to add another Tikka to the stable. I got to researching the 6.5 Creedmoor and discovered it’s merits. I bought a 24” barrel Tikka T3x 6.5 and right off the bat it shot Hornady Precision Hunter 143 grain ELD-X sub...