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    Rain movement

    Anyone braving the rain this week and if so, anything stirring?
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    Nice to meet everyone

    Hello all - new here but I am really enjoying reading all the insight provided by everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and wish everyone Happy Holidays!
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    Shooter buck question

    Just curious as to how those view getting their target buck on their camera and deploying that to their hunting strategy. With being fairly new to the camera game (2nd year), I get bigger bucks on camera seems to be every 4th day there abouts. Of course it varies, but as a general rule of thumb...
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    Human scent

    Just curious as to how long you guys think human scent lasts on the ground. I know it depends on several factors such as temperature, rain, ect. However, i was just curious as to a rule of thumb, is it gone in say a week? a month? a couple of days? I've seen several different answers from google...
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    Movement this week

    Haven't seen a lot of movement this week and was wondering if group members are experiencing the same thing? It is unusual to me because in my 3 years hunting the property, this week has been the least amount of movement I've seen, and I think it is due to the full moon. Just interested in some...
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    Missed buck experience

    Took a shot on a nice buck this evening at about 100 yds. My muzzleloader was about an inch high at 50 yds 2 weeks ago. I killed an 8 with it last weekend and will be shooting again to double check. Anyway he was broadside and about 10 yds away from the tree line in a field. I was hunting from...
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    Any thoughts on age?

    Just curious as to the thoughts on his age? He is pretty grey but I am far from an age expert. He is pretty fat too. Maybe 3.5?

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