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    I don't know why he would say that. A lot can change between now and then. Especially with the rest periods in-between.
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    River Gauges

    Come on down and do it.
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    Camden, Blind 106

    It didn't much look like it.
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    Camden, Blind 106

    It was never brushed very good to begin with.
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    Bad duck year?

    If it sucks so bad for everyone, and thats all people are killing or less anyway what's it going to change?
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    Mother chaser

    I've caught a lot of big fish on those magnum spoons. Probably the most fun way to catch a bass.
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    Anyone that duck hunts

    UT's survey questions were extremely leading.
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    Anyone watch the commission meeting?

    Same. If it was in Johnson City I would be there.
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    Anyone watch the commission meeting?

    Lord forbid them from just being close to the WMA being drawn for....
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    Anyone watch the commission meeting?

    🤣 I was at the gooch leftover draw one year, and my buddy dropped the wrong half in. He realized it after we sat down and went and told the officer. He said it would be fine.Wouldn't you know it the first card drawn was the wrong side. My buddy and I jumped up excited, but there was one other...
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    Anyone watch the commission meeting?

    And go figure they had another major major screw up at the left over draw.Know how many screw ups there were when everyone's name was in a barrel??
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    Anyone watch the commission meeting?

    That meeting gives me absolutely zero hope.Thank you Monte Belew for standing up to the other commissioners even though they shot you down every step of the way.Monte wanted a simple question added to the post hunt surveys. "Do you prefer in person draws, or online draws?" This caused all...
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    Heard from another commissioner

    This is what they have posted 😂At approximately 27 feet, the road under the railroad trestle becomes impassible to vehicle traffic. Vehicles inside of the trestle at this stage may be trapped until the water recedes. At approximately 28 feet, hunters should launch their boats in the outer...
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    What grade do you give Heupel year #1.

    How could you give him anything other than an A+He did an incredible job with less talent than Pruitt had due to the transfer portal.
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    Hunting at Gooch

    It very well could happen this weekend if the rain forecast holds.
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    After hunt survey?

    Seems like that could be very biased and give them the information they want if they are only asking people who got drawn for a quota hunt if they like the draw process or not.
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    After hunt survey?

    Yep they did let people sign up in person, although he said originally it was not supposed to be like that. I think they caught a lot of hell from people who showed up the first time without pre-registering.
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    After hunt survey?

    I've been trying and trying to register for the left over draw and it refuses to let me. Let's not even talk about how stupid it is that you have to pre-register online to go to an in person drawing that is then done online while you are there.....

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