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    Sold/Expired Game 4 World Series Tickets

    I have 1-4 tickets for sale for Saturday night in Atlanta. Section 149 Row 29 seats 1-4.1,500 Per seat.Thanks
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    Good Starter PSE Bow-Pics Added- Price drop $175

    Listing for my brother in-law. Has been shot very little. He has not hunted in years.PSE Pro Series Bow. Adjustable from 26 inch to 30 inch. Weight set at 60 Lbs.Includes case, 4 arrows, and release.Trying to get pictures posted now.$175 OBO
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    Logging my 2.5 Acres

    I have probably 100 or so pines on my 2.5 acres that are all 100+ foot tall.A good number of the are close to the house, and I'd like to see about having potentially all the pines cut, and just leave the hardwoods and such.Would there be any way to have these cut by a timber company and...
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    Benelli M2 20

    Ceretoke and optifade timber 26 inch barrel.Located in Medina.1250.731-345-9six3one
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    Rolling Blackouts

    I have a lot of family and friends in AR, and some in TX as well that have been hit by the rolling blackouts. This has made my wife and I think a lot more about our situation. We haven't lost power yet due to the storms. But what if we did, and what if they decided we needed to be blacked out...
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    Sold/Expired Looking for a Youth Bow

    Looking for a youth bow for my 7 year old daughter.Let me know what you have.
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    Sold/Expired Nova 12 trade for a 20 Guage

    I have a Nova 12 guage in great condition I'd like to trade for a 20 guage. Nova shoots 2.75-3 1/2 inch. has a patten master mod choke. It's Mossy Oak Advantage camo I believe.Let me know what you have.Located in Knoxville Area.
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    Moving to East TN

    Recently i accepted a job with my company that would move us back from south Louisiana back up this way but to Kentucky. We were all ready to move in a couple of weeks and we had a shake up at work and the a position doing what I do in East Tennessee opened up. My boss, knowing I'm from...
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    Moving back that way

    Finally!!!!As some of you know, I shared when we moved, but I don't post too much, we moved to Louisiana back in early 2015 to begin a new career in insurance. I went to work for a Workers Comp provider as a Safety Consultant. We moved our young family (1 year old girl at the time, 3 year...
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    Sold/Expired ISO Columbia Widgeon Wader Coat

    Looking for a Columbia wader coat in bottom land or treestand camo. Prefer the good and the liner as well.Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with.
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    Dauphin Island Advice

    I am going in October.On our night to cook I wanna cook some fresh fish that I caught. Give me some advice. I'm not gonna get a charter, just fish from the surf.What should I expect or how should I prepare?Anyone ever done this that time a year?
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    Major Flooding

    We are Tennessee transplants living in Lafayette, LA. We are getting some MAJOR flooding today. I wasn't able to leave our apt complex for work as both roads in and out were flooded with cars stalled out.This is our first major rain like this since we moved here last august. Looks like I...
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    Fancy undies

    I picked up a pair of Under Armour boxerbriefs earlier at a discount outdoor store earlier.They were 10 bucks, which still hurt for only one pair, but I figured I would try them out.Anyone else gone away from cotton? I have a feeling I won't go back...
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    Here is my take on what would/could happen.Imagine for a moment that for whatever reason. A societal collapse occurred. For this example, and because it is such a hot topic right now, i will use a true attack on the second amendment.If we (patriots, 2nd amendment lovers, republicans...
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    Possible move-Knoxville

    If you could live anywhere within a 30 mile radius of knoxville, where would it be.2 kids under 3 years old. My family enjoys all things outdoors, and we'd prefer good public schools.ANNND GO.
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    Any State Farm Agents?

    I have a couple of questions. If you are an agent could you PM me please?
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    Hit the Breakroom Sale

    Hit the Breakroom is running another good sale on hunting and work boots.I ordered some waders from them a while back and have had no complaints on em. Some great prices on steel toes on there.
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    Hey Bamaproud

    How much water is North East Arkansas gonna get this weekend?
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    Toyota Sequoia

    Anyone have one?Looks like we are about to get into a 2006 with a little over 100k. If the timing belt and water pump have not been changed, i know to change those. Other than that i can't find anyone who has had much bad to say about em...
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    Credit Score / Debt

    Alright guys. It's happened to a lot of folks. So here I am. Give me some advice.I found out today i have a 601 credit rating. We have just recently sold our second house after our move, and are in an apt. I have a personal truck (no payment) and a company vehicle that i drive...