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    For Sale Valentines gift idea

    Looks great! I think someone had asked on the other thread but I can’t remember. Are you willing to ship?
  2. J

    Covid Junk-pray for my family. Update-8 year old daughter positive now

    My daughter is doing pretty well. Hasn’t had a fever at all but just really bad cough and congestion.
  3. J

    Covid Junk-pray for my family. Update-8 year old daughter positive now

    My father in law passed away from covid on Saturday. Triple vaccinated but still got it. Looks like he got a blood clot and it went to his heart causing a major cardiac event on Wednesday and he never recovered. I'm so tired of this junk…. Update: my daughter had a mild cough since Saturday. She...
  4. J

    Sold/Expired Bushnell Trophy Cam, Lock Box, Python Cable and SD Cards

    I have one of those. Pic quality is great!
  5. J

    Sold/Expired Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x50 Illuminated ZBi

    If it was a regular z plex I’d be all over it. Never looked thru one with the ZBI reticle.
  6. J

    East Tn gunsmith

    Shultz built one for me last year and it’s great!
  7. J

    Walmart corn

    Which Walmart?
  8. J

    For Sale Winchester Black Talon .357 Magnum ammo-great stocking stuffer!

    I forgot I had a box of them and not planning on shooting them. These are super hard to find and had gotten very expensive before the latest spike. I looked on gunbroker and prices are definitely steep. 1 box of 20 rounds. I'd kinda like to trade on some subsonic 22, 223, 300 blackout or 308 or...
  9. J

    Encore 45-70 Smokeless 20”

    Great seller!
  10. J

    Piebald is back

    Wow that full body mount is incredible!
  11. J

    Anyone having Tactacam issues today?

    Hope they can get it all resolved pretty soon. I’m a big fan of the cameras though.
  12. J

    Anyone having Tactacam issues today?

    I have 2 gen 1 reveals running right now that have been flawless. I got pics from one of them last night. I’m in the woods now and walked past my other one on the way in but never got a pic. I get to my stand and open the app and it doesn’t show any of my info at all. It’s like I never existed...
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    My new Rifle

    Very nice!
  14. J

    Tagged out with cool story

    Great buck!
  15. J

    Age guess? New buck

    Never seen him before. Found a good rub and older scrape around a hot trail and hung a camera in the area on 11/20. He came thru pushing a doe on 11/23.
  16. J

    Age guess? New buck

    I figured he was pretty old too. I’d sure love to see him in person.
  17. J

    Age guess? New buck

    Got this guy on camera last week. Really big body for this area.
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