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  1. Cuttin Caller

    LBL youth hunt

    Big E with his first LBL youth hunt kill. Thank DA for making it possible.
  2. Cuttin Caller

    People in this community

    I am so blessed to be a part of this community on this forum. My Grandson got his first Deer rifle. The search for ammunition was on, it was fierce and unsuccessful until I reached out to Ruger and I might had posted on the FB. Not sure if he wants me to disclose his name but a high profile...
  3. Cuttin Caller

    Here is a laugh.

    I tell myself, you know better many times. However I just had to do it. So you know that peeling hard boiled egg Jack. The one where you peel back both ends and blow and the egg pop out perfect? Well everything on Facebook is absolutely NOT true. I didn't just try it once but all 4.I try not...
  4. Cuttin Caller

    He thought we were just Fishing

    Me and my fishing buddy. Eli Fisher Luna God has blessed me.
  5. Cuttin Caller

    West Tennessee people re: alligators

    Any of you guys seeing and signs of alligators nesting?Let me know when you do.Thanks.
  6. Cuttin Caller

    This Sunday Veterans Day

    If you are Vetran or if you know one. Go to any Great Clips and pick up a card for a free hair cut. The card will. E good until December 31 2018.Great Clips want to say Thank You for your service.Also there are so many businesses that does this Applebees I know does.
  7. Cuttin Caller

    Vacation anytime soon at PCB

    Go ahead and book your airboat ride with these people. for Capt.Dean he is a lot fun.Seriously best part of my trip.
  8. Cuttin Caller

    I can not believe this

    So you know some of the police departments are using social media to try to catch low lifes scum. Well not my county but a county near by posted a picture of someone they were looking for and if anyone knows them to call blah blah blah. So I call I said yes the lady your looking for on such...
  9. Cuttin Caller

    Be careful leaning into the meat coolers ... h-daughter
  10. Cuttin Caller

    Ruger WalMart is

    Saving money best way they can . They have to pay for this. from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Cuttin Caller

    Honoring SGT. Daniel Baker

    If you like to shoot Royal Range is hosting this. That is so awesome.
  12. Cuttin Caller

    I have one.

    So far one tomato. So tickled.
  13. Cuttin Caller

    Funeral Arrangements ... p=&search=
  14. Cuttin Caller

    Another one for Ms. LITTLETON

    My friend Bill's daughter is sure making them flop.
  15. Cuttin Caller

    Who does this remind you of ... 139148319/
  16. Cuttin Caller


    This is Laura my great friend Bill Littleton's daughter. The socks did it.
  17. Cuttin Caller

    Turkey socks ROCKS.

    My great friend Bill Littleton's daughter is about as turkey crazy as her Dad. This is a fine young lady.
  18. Cuttin Caller


    How YOU doing?
  19. Cuttin Caller

    But those glasses

  20. Cuttin Caller


    Miss me yet?

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