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  1. Bone Collector

    199 1/8 buck from Hickman co

    Just saw on the book of faces where a guy killed a freak of nature in Hickman County. His picture was there so I don’t mind posting it here. I guess they’re going to do a story on it.
  2. Bone Collector

    Got a couple of deer over the last few days

    I take off time every year around the second weekend of ML and the 3 days leading up to Thanksgiving. I hunt as hard as my body allows me and often times do not know when or how to take a break. It makes me tired to say the least. I hunted hard on my personal property and only had one good buck...
  3. Bone Collector

    Venison stock question

    I made some venison stock for the first time and after I put it in canning jars and flipped them over ( I use the same method when I make pasta sauce). The lids seal that way.Question is do I have to refrigerate it now?
  4. Bone Collector

    Food Plots Food Plot question

    I planted a mix of boss buffet and 7 card stud this year. I think both have winter wheat, clover, winter peas, radishes, Rape, brassica, etc.The issue I had is I mowed, then sprayed, and then tried to break up the surface dirt with a pasture drag with weight on it. When I dragged the first...
  5. Bone Collector

    Oakley sunglasses

    I don’t wear sunglasses but I know some do…
  6. Bone Collector

    Does this look like a buck to you?

    I’ve zoomed in and can’t tell but it looks like it is
  7. Bone Collector

    Crypto Question

    I have a question about Coin wallet and Coin base that I am hoping someone on here can answer.***this is not about trust wallet or any other wallet just coin wallet and Coinbase***If you have coins on coin wallet say Ethereum Max can you move it to coinbase as EMAX or do you have to swap...
  8. Bone Collector

    Will this ground beef be ok?

    My wife put a lb of frozen ground beef in the sink yesterday around 3-4 pm in the afternoon (maybe a little earlier). The meat was for dinner tonight. She forgot to put it in the fridge before she went to bed and I didn't realize it was there. I have no idea why she put it in the sink...
  9. Bone Collector

    Where are the deer?

    Just an observation but not many kill pics on the forum this year. I know it has definitely been a slower than average year for me. There are a bunch of acorns, but spots that have continually produced for me for the past 10 years are not producing hardly any sightings and when I do see a deer...
  10. Bone Collector

    Glasses and hunting question

    I have come to the conclusion at the age of 45 that I need to go see the eye doctor. While hunting this week, I had issues using binos as my dominant right eye appears to be near sighted and weaker than my left eye, which appears to be far sighted. When I magnify the binos so I can see clearly...
  11. Bone Collector

    The Rut is about to kick off in Mid Tn

    I got a pic of these bucks fighting… it’s about to be wide open in 10 days. Why can’t we open bow season like KY? 😂😂😂😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
  12. Bone Collector

    Good Dove shoot Labor Day

    Well I fretted and bugged SCN, Chaney, and others for info on the cold front (that didn't happen as bad as they said it would) and everything worked out.I shot the field a lone for 2 hours Wednesday night. Birds flew pretty good, and I shot 13, but got up and left at 6 pm so they could eat. I...
  13. Bone Collector

    Question for Chaney Lake

    Or any others with vast knowledge of doves.Will the temps they are calling for Wednesday and Thursday night mess up the birds or will they be fine, being it’s just two days and temps come back up?looking to shoot Labor Day….
  14. Bone Collector

    Sprayer question

    I bought a sprayer that you pull behind a riding mower. My question is, can I hook the power up to the mowers battery or do I need a separate battery?
  15. Bone Collector

    Dragging a Plot question

    If you are going to drag a plot and your goal is to get the weeds off of it and have just bare dirt with some depth to it, and you have a drag with teeth that dig into the ground....How much weight should you place on the drag to ensure it really tears the ground up?
  16. Bone Collector

    Question on age requirement to hunt alone at LBL

    My brother and I put in for a preference point. Hope they get the dates worked out by next year. My oldest nephew will be 17 when the hunt is held. He has his hunter safety card, and hunts alone regularly on his land or everywhere we hunt really.Will he be old enough to hunt alone on the adult...
  17. Bone Collector

    Why did LBL change the dates?

    Quota application period opened today. It appears that LBL has changed the dates. Instead of the first gun hunt being on the second weekend (Fri-Sat) of ML, it is the opening weekend of gun season. The hunt is Sat-Sun. Nov. 20-21. Last year it would have been the 12-13th.This means that the...
  18. Bone Collector

    Quota hunts are open to apply - Elk zone questions??

    Quota hunts are up, go apply if you wish.looking at the Elk hunt and I am just curious, what is the difference in the zones?Isn't the terrain similar in all of them, i.e. mountains? 😂Is the the Ed Carter zone new or just renamed?I feel like there was a post on this last question...
  19. Bone Collector

    Jordan on Alone?

    From Oak Ridge. Anyone in here know him? I know a guy last season was kin or friends with someone on here.
  20. Bone Collector

    Crazy Crypto currencies

    I know this was discussed quickly in another thread about Dogecoin, but there are some really crazy coins out there, but you have to buy one coin and go through certain apps to convert it.I was hoping to make a thread dedicated to that, so that some of the folks that understand all the ins...