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  1. SwampChicken

    NWTF who's going

    Trying to compare Unicoi to that clown show in Nashville is absurd....
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    Helen GA
  3. SwampChicken


    Don’t plan on bringing any of that money back home with you. You’re in for a good time.
  4. SwampChicken


    Any of you fellas plan on hitting Unicoi next week? This is the one event a year that I do my best not to miss....I'll be getting into town on Thursday and hitting the show on Friday. Looking forward to the fireside chats on Thursday evening and picking up a few calls on Friday.
  5. SwampChicken

    Movement this week

    Movement has picked back up pretty good on my cams here in East TN over the last 7 days. Got a lot of bucks moving around between 9-1 and I missed a real good one on Tuesday hunting a spot I’d never set foot on at 9 am, that one still hurts...
  6. SwampChicken

    Deer in Cooler

    2 weeks in the mini fridge for me
  7. SwampChicken

    First TN buck for the year

    That's a dandy, nice work!
  8. SwampChicken

    South Cherokee stud

  9. SwampChicken

    East tn rut

    Scrapes are finally starting to get hit pretty good and daytime buck movement has increased significantly over the last week. I think it’s about to get right any day now, taking off Wednesday and Friday to hunt from sun up to sun down if necessary. Monroe County
  10. SwampChicken

    KY quota buck

    Nice work! Got my first KY buck out there today in the quota as well. Had seen a couple other smaller bucks this am and at 9 this fella was hot on a does trail, it happened quick like. After I shot him two other bucks came in and worked a scraped right under my saddle. It was night and day...
  11. SwampChicken

    Delayed seasonal range shift

    I've had 5 new bucks show up since 10/14 and am still waiting on a handful of others, that I have videos of from last Jan, to make their return.
  12. SwampChicken

    I’ll play....age this one

    Bored at work and wishing I was in the woods so figured I’d see what y’all think this big 6 in East TN would age...
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  16. SwampChicken

    Deer Hunting iPhone App

    Spartan forge has been a big disappointment thus far...
  17. SwampChicken

    Bobby Worthington books

    I was able to pickup a version of Bowhunting Trophy Whitetails a couple of months back at a local goodwill for $15. I had been looking for a copy or quite some time and was very glad to have found one at an affordable price. I will say that Mr. Bobby discusses most everything in that book on...
  18. SwampChicken

    Bobby Worthington books

    You can’t order them from the site, I’ve contacted Mr. Bobby directly about getting a copy of Phantoms and he doesn’t have any. He did say that he was working on a volume 2 version when I last spoke with him a couple months back.
  19. SwampChicken

    Hunting In The Rain !!!???

    I like getting settled in 30-40 minutes before it’s going to let off. I’ve killed two of my biggest bucks less than an hour after a good rain stopped.

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