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    For Sale Hornady leverevolution 30-30

    Have 2 1/2 boxes 52 rounds to be exact. Looking to trade for 308 ammo will throw in money to boot if you have nice stuff. Price is 80.00 located in Chattanooga
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    WTB handloads

    Without the time or the knowledge on reloading. I was going to see if anyone knew of somewhere where I can get some hand loads or some custom ammunition loaded. Or if anyone one this site would be willing to load some. I would be more than willing to pay for materials and time. Thanks
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    WTB Lightweight bolt .308

    Looking for any lightweight bolt 308.
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    WTB Thompson center G2 countender

    Looking for a G2 countender any caliber will work. Thanks
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    For Sale Henry 22Mag

    I've got a Henry 22 Magnum with a vortex diamondback rimfire scope on it 2x7x33 has been on another rifle and has some scratches but still works Flawlessly mounted with warn rings. rifles is in very good condition Couple minor scratches on stock and such but overall all very good. 600.00 or...
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    T/C G2 countender

    Has any one ever owned one of these single shots ? Been trying to find one to get my hands one of the rifle frames
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    30-30 bolt action

    I have been searching for a Remington 788 in 30-30 for a long time but have not even been able to lay hands on one. Does anyone one on here have one or know someone who does.
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    To late for blinds ?

    I just got a sweet new 5-ft ground blind stand from academy put together took me a long time it's been sitting around and I just now got to it. How bad do you think it would spook deer if I slid it in the edge of the woods near one of my food plots? It's on a pretty big piece of property and not...
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    Longevity of acorns

    How long do you guys normally see White oaks acorns lasting on the ground once dropped. We got a pretty decent White oak crop but no Red oaks and with medium to high deer density I would think most of them will be ate up by mid November what do you guys think ?
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    Hornady Lever revolution 30-30

    I bought 4 boxes and can't get my marlin to shoot under a 6 inch group with them. Then shot some old win 170gr and it shot about a 2.5 inch group. Do you think I just had a bad batch of Hornady or my gun just doesn't like them ?
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    Food Plots To much rain ?

    As much as I loved to see the rain coming through right after I plant, is there such a thing as to much rain I'm in east TN and we are getting hammered
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    Food Plots Drilling in clover ?

    So I'm getting ready to plant all my fall food plots, I will be using a no till drill and planting in dead grass and medium thatch. I will be planting oats and wheat in one box and winter peas in the other main box, it also had a clover box but I can't decide if I would be better broadcasting it...
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    Food Plots Planting this weekend ?

    All my plots are burned down with round up and I'm wondering if I should plant this weekend or not with no rain in the near future. I will be using a no till drill and planting in pretty heavy thatch so soil moisture should be good and hold moisture well. What do you guys think ?
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    Food Plots Brassicas or not

    I added some radishes and turnips to my mix last year and saw zero use in any of my plots even though the had huge tubers and lush green tops. I was considering not even putting them in the mix this year. Do any of you see much use out of your brassicas ?
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    Food Plots Average plant date

    I live in the Chattanooga valley and we planted all our plots around the second week of September last year and though they did amazing I think they matured a little early. All my cereal grains got Pretty stemmed out by the middle to end of October. I was thinking we may shift towards the last...
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    Food Plots Need Iron clay cowpeas fast !

    In one of my soybean plots I had a complete failure due to malfunction of the drill and only about 15% of the beans came up. I really need to try to find some iron clay cow peas to have something in there for summer forage I think it may be a little too late to replant in soybeans. I'm having...
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    Food Plots Plot recipe for this year

    Hey guys I was going to see what the food plot experts think about my mixture for this year. Last year I drilled 60# of oats/winter wheat mix at about 50/50 ratio Before I ran the drill over the plot I hand broadcast 10# of crimson and and 5# of radishes, the plots grew amazing and where lush...
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    Gonna be a cold one

    I was planning on getting out in the morning here in east tennessee but the forecast is calling for 33 degree morning but no wind. You guys think they will be gobbling ?
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    Lightweight snake chaps?

    What's are the most lightweight and comfortable snake chaps or Gaiters you can buy or have ever seen ?
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    Best boot store

    I'm looking for a boot and shoe store that has a good selection of boots. I'm wanting to try some high end boots like crispi, kentrek and lowa but can't find anywhere that has anything like that. I'm in the chattanooga valley and I'm not afraid to drive a few hours. Any suggestions ?