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  1. TNMountain

    For those who have harvested mature bucks with a bow

    I have a few spots on private with climbing sticks and lock ons, but I notice a decrease in deer sightings especially in bow range after roughly 3 sits. Much more success staying mobile. I prefer a climber. Hanging sticks every hunt and a stand is a lot of work. I do have a setup for this but...
  2. TNMountain

    Best climber for bowhunting?

    I had a summit viper but hated how cumbersome it was packing (I hunt mainly public in the mountains) and made the switch to a lone wolf hand climber combo 3 years ago and wouldn’t own anything else. I find it plenty comfortable for 5+ hour sits and packs much better and is bowhunter friendly...
  3. TNMountain

    Taylors Archery

    Only place I go. Been doing business there for 13 years and many bows purchased and setup there. Tracy is excellent.
  4. TNMountain

    Bow kill #4, first buck this year

    I agree buddy. I’ve been bow only for 2 years now. Last 9 kills have been with a bow!
  5. TNMountain

    Bow kill #4, first buck this year

    Same here buddy. I believe too much TV hunters in the Midwest and north brainwash us. I don’t get too serious about my buck hunting until the second week of December. 98% of my bucks have been taken in late December in this area of Tn!
  6. TNMountain

    Bow kill #4, first buck this year

    Thank you sir. It’s a grind for sure. I truly enjoy any bow kill!
  7. TNMountain

    Bow kill #4, first buck this year

    No sir. Our rut coincides with north Alabama’s primary rut. I’ve hunted this particular area for 19 years and I see doe still carrying well into first week of bow season.
  8. TNMountain

    Bow kill #4, first buck this year

    Headed to a area I haven’t touched this season, waiting for the right time (our rut is super late in the season), and was fortunate enough to tag a good hill country 8 point with my bow on public land. 3 doe and a buck so far, and my area in southern Franklin county is just now getting hot. This...
  9. TNMountain

    Looking for opinions on season date changes

    I’d like to see the season start Mid October for archery, 1 week muzzleloader before thanksgiving , then 2 weeks rifle starting Saturday after thanksgiving, then back to archery until January 31!
  10. TNMountain

    Rut report

    In southern Franklin county still bachelor groups of bucks and family doe groups. Still about 2 to 3 weeks out from our primary rut per usual
  11. TNMountain

    Sold/Expired Tikka T3X Superlite 300 Win Mag

    Sold Pending funds
  12. TNMountain

    Sold/Expired Tikka T3X Superlite 300 Win Mag

    Never seen the woods. Bought new in January this year. Has been shot 28 times for sighting in and shooting distance targets the same day. I have a quality one piece low base/rings. Has Vortex Crossfire II 4-12-44 scope on it. Synthetic stock, stainless fluted barrel. Buttery action. $1000 cash...
  13. TNMountain

    Black Coyote

    Same thing here man. Was shooting my bow one evening last week and saw something back in the field and grabbed the binos thinking it was a dog. Hopped in the truck and drove down the road for a closer look and it was him. It’s been on since then haha.
  14. TNMountain

    Black Coyote

    Absolutely. Only good coyote is a dead one every time!
  15. TNMountain

    Black Coyote

    In no rush to make it to the woods because my area doesn’t heat up until the last 2 weeks of the season, but have saw this guy running around the last couple days and this morning shot him in the cow field about 60 yards from the back door. First solid black coyote I’ve saw alive. Gonna get a...
  16. TNMountain

    3rd Bow Kill This Season

    Saw 19 deer yesterday morning and let them walk. Saw 11 this morning and couldn’t stand it with all of them in bow range. Let it rip 18 yard shot severe quartered away shot arrow hit its mark and buried to fletchings. She made it about 50 yards and did the chicken dance. Love chasing these deer...
  17. TNMountain

    Archery All Year

    That’s my feeling too Laserman1. I just don’t get as excited shooting a deer with a rifle anymore. Killing with a bow is more rewarding and also teaches discipline if they are just out of range. Definitely a more humble way of hunting and I am straight up addicted to bow hunting.
  18. TNMountain

    Archery All Year

    Anybody else carry archery tackle all year? I’m going on my second season bow only. Tough especially in the hills of the Appalachian mountains. Would love to hear if you do!
  19. TNMountain

    Wtb 300 win mag ammo

    10/4 I shoot 180’s too but grabbed a few boxes of 150 because they were there.