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  1. X-Tennessean

    Had a rough day

    Prayers still lifted for you all.
  2. X-Tennessean

    Mom passed away last night

    So sorry to hear, prayers for you and the family.
  3. X-Tennessean

    Prayers for my grandmother please

    Prayers 🙏🙏
  4. X-Tennessean

    Prayers please

    Prayers lifted. 🙏🙏🙏
  5. X-Tennessean

    My nephew took a bow and a camera on the last day of season.

    Great job and video!! Congrats
  6. X-Tennessean

    My best Christmas gift. Encouragement to dads.

    Thanks for sharing! Very thoughtful and seems you are doing the "job" you signed up for. I think you are going to have a fine young lady grow up who clearly loves you dearly. Props to you!!Makes me look forward to my first born son being here March 10th! PS: Her hand writing says so much...
  7. X-Tennessean

    Prayers for my family

    Sounds like he is a fighter and not a quitter. Prayers for him and you as well.
  8. X-Tennessean


    Thanks friend.
  9. X-Tennessean


    Man take care of it. You FORSURE dont want it perforating!
  10. X-Tennessean

    John Deere Compact

    Does anyone have a lead or know of where there may be a JD 4520 or 4720 compact series tractor for sale or possibly could be bought? I have searched the internet and found some WAY off but that just adds to the price! Prefer to stay 1000-1200 hour range and less.
  11. X-Tennessean


    Guessing that works and avoids surgery for you?
  12. X-Tennessean


    Glad u are all doing better.
  13. X-Tennessean


    I do 2 prebiitic gummies every morning as well. Was just fixing to start Metamucil per doc recommendations of 1 teaspoon morning/evening. I had thought about your assumption as well!! Eating to large of meal at one time could be a culprit.
  14. X-Tennessean


    Thanks bud, glad to see you on the mend and prayers for your mom.
  15. X-Tennessean


    I agree about the pain and being cut on but the consensus seems to be you sure don't want to be forced into surgery as that involves a colostomy bag and then another procedure to reconnect once infection is gone. Hopefully you get things figured out as well and have no major issues.
  16. X-Tennessean


    Thank you and praying you continue trouble free. Thats wild about your shoulder pain!
  17. X-Tennessean


    So Im assuming you had emergency surgery reason for the bag? Glad you have been trouble free since!! Doc is saying roughly 2 feet + or - of my sigmoid.
  18. X-Tennessean


    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you have healed!! 33 days, my goodness.... I truly believe I was ruptured or perforated this go around because I felt just like I did back in 2014 when they confirmed a perforation. I know exactly what you mean about being gun shy.....I just don't know the...
  19. X-Tennessean


    Thats good to hear! Thank you
  20. X-Tennessean


    Popcorn...yes Peanut, never would have guessed that.