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    Center Hill Bream/Shellcracker

    I took my son and my nephew up Indian Creek early this morning, hoping to find some bream or shellcracker on the beds. such luck. We tried about every little cove, gravel bank, and branch end we could find, but all we could get to take our red worms and beetlespins were little bitty...
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    Hummingbird Helix 7 si GPS vs. Garmin Stryer 7sv?

    Is the Hummingbird's map card slot worth spending the $200 more?
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    How important is side imaging?

    Been shopping for a fish finder for a boat I'm trying to buy. It's in the shop waiting on a part, but anyhow, am I right in that the Hummingbird Helix 5 SI, which costs about $500, is the cheapest with side imaging? I'll be doing a lot of fishing for crappie and bass on Old Hickory, and while I...
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    3.8 lb JPP Crappie

    I'm not an online subscriber so don't know how to post the pic from today's Tennesseean. It shows an angler identified as Andrew Whitehead holding a huge 17" black crappie, and says he caught it from the bank. Wow, how cool is that? Look it up, but maybe someone will post it.Sent from my...
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    Crappie boat requirements

    Guys, I've already gotten some great advice here in my search for a boat. My budget is $4500 and I'm wanting something for hunting/fishing. Probably the most time in it will be in the search for crappie, though. What requirements should it have? A livewell? Any tips on what I need to look for...
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    Versatility of Stick steered Panfish boats?

    Y'all might've seen my post a month or so about my search for a versatile aluminum boat. I'm wondering about the stick steered boats. A couple I've seen is the Duracraft and the Tracker 1648. For someone into crappie, catfish, just a little bass fishing, and hunting, do these boats make sense...
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    Sold/Expired 22.5" wsm SOLD

    SOLD on CL. Largest of the Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker series with both stainless steel aftermarket door and lid hinge, as well as added middle grate, extra top vent, clay saucer heat sink, mid section handles, cover, smaller charcoal ring from an 18" Weber, and rib racks. I've smoked a case of...
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    Hawaii and the Glory of God

    This 12 min video should MAKE YOUR DAY, and maybe your whole week. It's our worship leader talking about volcanos and sea turtles. Fascinating stuff! from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Consumer Alert: Cowboy Lump

    You might've heard folks say this stuff isn't worth the bag it came in. You also might've had good results with it and thought it was a bargain. Truth is, it's because their quality control has been sporadic at best, and I'm DONE with it.I should've taken a pic of the smoke pouring out of my...
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    Pizza and a Pilsner

    Even in this wind we grilled up some five minute pepperonis a while ago. Gotta get back to work later but pizza lunch with my wife was fun.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sold/Expired Rem. HEVI•SHOT 12ga 3" #6 fs

    SOLD.I've got 18 since the box on the left is missing two. For local sale only in the Lebanon area. $45Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Field and Stream "State of the Deer...

    So have any of y'all read the article in this month's F&S, entitled, "State of the Deer Union"? The link below is to part of it. Check it out and ask yourself, if or how does TN figure into it. In other words, are you sure history will be kind to the commission if they continue with Unit L...
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    Dahlonega, GA or 'Nooga Eats or Sights?

    So y'all probably haven't heard of it, either, but my son and his wife gave us a two night stay at a resort spa there, this weekend. Any suggestions on what to do, see, or eat while in that area of northern GA? Thankfully we won't have to go via Atlanta, so I'd ask the same of Chattanooga since...
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    Nashville's BEST: MAS TACOS

    A few months or so ago a buddy of mine mentioned just seeing an episode of Guy Fiero's DDD show where he came to east Nashville's Mas Taco. My friend lives in MS and said we need to check it out because Fiero was blown away. Well, we were NOT disappointed.This is what's left of our fried...
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    Just some ribs.

    Burned some hickory in my offset today since I was working at home, anyway. Foiled three out of five slabs a little too long but at least they didn't start to dry out. Glazed just the top side with Rufus Teague Touch of Honey with a little more honey.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mt Juliet Weber Steal

    HEADS UP! 22.5" Weber Original Premium Kettle at Bargain Hunt for $97. I already have one. Looks to be in tip top shape already assembled. Lid/Bowl fit feels good and owners manual and such is on the cooking grate. If anything is wrong Weber should honor the warranty like it came from any other...
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    Indirect Charcoal Grilling, Weber style

    Lately I can't help but notice a lot of gadgetry being sold for kettle grills, and I've talked to a lot of folks that aren't really aware of how efficient cooking indirect in a Weber kettle is. And the thing is, no gadgets are required. The neat thing and the biggest surprise is how even the...
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    History of TN Deer

    The link below is to an article by Dan Gibbs, a TWRA wildlife biologist. I'm sure a lot of y'all have read it, but I found it interesting. For instance, being from MS, I didn't know that it wasn't until 1988 before TWRA opened the last of our 95 counties to deer hunting...
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    The Finest Hours

    We celebrated our daughter in law's birthday this weekend and went to see "The Finest Hours", a movie about the most amazing small boat rescue in Coast Guard history, back in 1951. Strangely enough, there was little or no sailor mouth in it, either. So take your wife and your older kids. It's...
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    Hunting/fishing boat advice?

    Guys, I was raised on the bayou in MS, and my dad had a 14 ft riveted Jon and a 6.5 hp Johnson. Anyhow, I'm wanting a little more than that; something for general fishing (mainly crappie) and hunting the lakes and reservoirs here in middle TN. This will be my first boat investment, and I'd like...

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